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Do you like a classical slot machine? Try Lightning Joker, a simple and elegant game where a lightning strike increases your winnings. And if you can always hope that the Lucky Lady Joker will use her electric powers to increase your fortunes even further.
The Avatars' Gateway has been barred off to earthlings since the beginning of time, now it's up to our players to find the winning combination that will set these extra-terrestrials free!
Daruma dolls bring luck and we hope this rings doubly true in this classical Japan-inspired game. The cat is another Japanese symbol for good things to come and this game is packed with these fortune-finding felines!
Shoutout to all you gamblers out there! Here is another classic from our YG Masters program. The retro-themed game All Star Knockout comes with an added twist of the Ultra Gamble feature. What is Ultra Gamble? This unique new feature allows you to gamble to enter the bonus game.
You will find wild wins and wild pops in the second game in the PopWins series.
In Vault of Fortune, it is your turn to be a master thief. Dive into a warehouse where lost artefacts are hidden and explore the boxes full of valuables.
Travel to ancient Greece and uncover Medusa's treasures. Challenge mythical creatures from antiquity and win your place in legends!
Now everyone can achieve football glory, with our new aptly named slot, Football glory! This footie-inspired slot offers a generous “All Stars” free spin mode, sticky wilds and Cup bonuses. All to satisfy the most hardcore football fans.
There is something magical about a riverboat casino. This game brings you back to the “good old days” with a cast of colorful characters and a game filled with winnings and charm.
The ultimate battle of 2 Gods Zeus versus Thor in a never seen before head to head! Featuring 4ThePlayer’s unique and innovative DUAL SPIN – giving you two spins buttons and the chance to double your win on every spin, if the win colour matches the spin colour it is doubled!
Sequel to the popular Valley of the Gods, Valley of the Gods 2 revisits the mystical desert valley, to unlock its deepest mysteries
Hunting for treasures in the desert where Wild Tornados crash into sandstorms.
Another instalment of the PopWins mechanics, where won symbols pop to extend the reels and reveal two new symbols. With CherryPop we are also introducing a number of new features.
Rock the Cash Bar is a 5x3 reels video slot game featuring AnyWays wins. Also featured are: Bonus VIP, Invite and Club Night free spins where the reels can expand up to 5x7 giving the player up to 16,807 ways to win! The game also features respins, bonus level upgrades and multipliers.
Visit a tropical island, where an ancient Volcano is bursting with riches! Wins as hot as lava awaits in this game, where each win awards you a re-spin, and the reels keep expanding!
Welcome to Hades, the king of the underworld.
In this Asian themed reel slot, we take you on a journey with the four elemental princesses, each holding their unique power and rewards, on a quest to unleash their powers.
In a quiet suburban garden in the English village of Molesworth lives a friendly mole.
Syncronite is a classy art-deco style slot machine with our new Splitz mechanic.
Unleash the magic of Winter Holidays, with a little help from forest animals!
Here comes BountyPop™! A new game in the POP-ular PopWins™ franchise from Avatar UX.
We love Pirates, don’t we? Even though they are scoundrels of the sea, there is something fascinating about their world and way of life. They are really “living on the edge”.
Fluffy snowflakes quietly whirling among the holiday lights, joyful music playing and bright boxes of gifts falling in cascades from the very top of the Christmas tree - all send us straight back to the good old times.
Many leagues under the sea, far away from human civilization – A world full of beauty and wonder is hidden in a sanctuary.
Join our Moai duo ...on their own holidays!
Enter the palace of the beautiful Frost Queen to find hidden treasures! Gather all the keys to enter the throne room, then collect Magic Gems in Free Spins to win jackpots!
It's the last of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World. Among the dunes of Egypt, a source of infinite wealth awaits.
Explore the legendary Labyrinth of Knossos with Theseus and defeat the mythical Minotaur, the great beast of Crete!
It is the Wild West frontier; chaos reigns between the blurred lines of right and wrong. A land of opportunity with every man for himself, where a bold and cunning gunslinger can make their fortune.
It's time to Pop out the 5th AvatarUX game in the popular PopWins series, TikiPop!