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An explosion of joy with incredible taste!
What happens at the bottom of the sea?
A little magic never hurts! Especially if it is used to get even more rich.
Nothing can be compared with the feeling of magic happening!
In the Amazon jungles one can encounter many risks but as you know: No pain, no gain.
Sweetest sweets, spices, sugary scents, great rulers and fights, beautiful women and a life like a fairy tale…
Dangerous, frightening and colorful
The game which pays excellent makes the day of a devoted player!
Fruit mix on the reels: tasty, shiny and, most importantly, profitable!
Hot and wild. This game is set in African surroundings!
Bored? Pack your bags and get prepared for an exciting safari weekend in Africa!
A wonderful and magical place, a paradise where all stress disappears in oblivion.
A wonderful and magical place, a paradise where all stress disappears in oblivion.
Beautiful colors, a sparkling atmosphere and exciting animations - this game will astonish even the most experienced players!
Start conquering the immeasurable universe, millions of light years from the endless galaxies!
Hurry to unravel the mysteries of ancient Egypt and find real treasures in Cleo’s Gold, a 5x3 reels and 20 lines video slot.
Today, Gods are at your side!
Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the luckiest of all?
Have you dreamt of seeing sakura blossoms?
Monkey’s Journey, our special 5x3 reels and 40 fixed lines video slot.
Do you have anything that brings you luck and money?
Love is in the air, do you feel it?
Feel the magic of the number seven in a bright a 5x3 reels and 50 lines Crystal Sevens video slot!
Everything new is actually well known from old times.
Strength, wisdom, energy and luck are things the magic dragon brings.
If you love mysteries, you must definitely check this 5x3 reels and 10 lines Book of Egypt video slot which never ceases to amaze and delight you.
Join our mission to solve the great mysteries of the Aztec Temple.
Deep down the underwater kingdom along different rare ocean creatures lives a beautiful mermaid together with king Poseidon of oceans.
They say once you see the Dragon, it will bring you luck for the rest of your life.
Discover the world underwater with this beautiful game.
Deep down the underwater kingdom along different rare ocean creatures lives a beautiful mermaid together with king Poseidon of oceans.
Classics never lose their appeal.
Jade Valley is a 5X3 reels and 50 lines video slot about a beautiful princess and brave warrior who comes to her rescue.
Bison Trail is a 4x5 reel video slot.
Pharaoh's Empire is a 5x3 reel and 25 lines video slot with a Bonus game feature.
Lucky Cat is a 5X3 reel and 25 lines video slot.
This slot takes you to the atmosphere of rugby and puts you in the shoes of a real rugby player on his way to win the championship and big prizes that come along with it.
African Savannah filled with wildlife but nothing can stampede through your way towards Big wins.
Chinese Tigers is a 5x3 reels and 30 lines video slot bringing you great graphics to enjoy.
The Aztecs have hidden the most precious treasure in a magic cave for you.
This exciting, full of magic new game has 5-reels and boasts some big bonus features like Bonus Reel, Free Spins, and Jackpots.
Yo ho ho ho get ready for a bunch of spins! The lost treasures are waiting for you in Pirates Map.
It has never been easier to prosper! We have changed some features to give you a simplistic yet engaging experience.
Imagine a journey to the Far East where you can explore the old myths and folktales of this region.
The Ancient Four provides protection to all who play this amazing game!
It has never been easier to prosper!
This glamourous game will take you on an unforgettable adventure through the neon filled casinos of Las Vegas.
This exciting 5-reel, 3-line, 50-payline slot game packs a lot of bonuses.
Our chilli peppers are loaded with prizes and when you happen to get three or more of them, you’ll get awarded by up to 25 very special Free Spins.
A symbol of purity and enlightenment that can only be found in a hidden valley in Ancient China.
Filled to the brim with Bonuses and Jackpots this game is a true winter wonder.
Explore the exotic island or lean back on the warm Mediterranean sand with a glass of pinna colada. You deserved that break.
This marvellous game packs numerous features, seek the Buddhas to acquire good old jackpots or get to know the exciting new feature – Roaming Wild Lions.
This old-school style slot game draws inspiration from classic 3x3 slot cabinets and features all that we love in them - Fruits, Fire, lucky 7s and big payouts!