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They are known for their great games from the best software developers in the casino industry. VIP Room Casino games can be played without having to download them on any app.
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Has a unique, reasonable welcome bonus. There is a wide range of games to select from including some classic favorites. Betsson casino doesn’t require download for gamers to access games.

The ability to play in real time has interested many gambling fans and motivated them to find answers to the question of how to play in live casinos. Despite the thought-out bonus policy, the use of high-quality gaming software and the possibility of a wide selection of gambling entertainment, until recently, many players of virtual clubs were not satisfied. However, with the advent of the so-called live casinos, players have an alternative solution that helps them choose a solid club that offers a game in real time with professional croupiers. Mutual addition of the possibilities of real gambling houses and the functional features of online gaming platforms allowed creating a completely new format of gambling entertainment, offered by reputable clubs to its visitors. Thanks to video cameras that allow you to get an image from various angles, a live broadcast of the game is conducted, where the player, using modern technologies, is able not only to monitor the actions of staff, but also participate in the game, counting on winning. Such broadcasts allow you to receive video from different places, for example, from specially equipped studios in the premises of which there are professional dealers and technical personnel. The absence of opponents makes it possible to create the most favorable conditions for the player and ensures high image quality. Broadcasts from legal casinos are much less frequent, since cameras must be installed directly in the gaming room, where other visitors and employees of the establishment can be. However, such a broadcast allows the player to completely immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a solid gambling house. The realism of the picture helps the player feel like a visitor to a famous club. In addition, many casinos organize broadcasts using special Internet resources and television channels, which allows you to attract new players by interest them, for example, playing baccarat for money in a live casino. Each registered visitor of a resource offering a similar format of the game can play in real time with real dealers.



In fact, in the United States, the situation with live dealer casinos is very unclear, since the pass of UIGEA (the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act) in 2006 made it illegal for US based financial institutions to conduct transactions related to online gambling. However, when playing in live casino USA residents should nevertheless be confident that they are not trespassing any laws especially given the fact that in, for example, New Jersey it is a legally approved activity.


In Canada, the whole deal with online casinos is even worse. The legislation of the country prohibits any providers in the country who provide gaming software. But there are places in the country where gaming is allowed. For example, in Kanawak. However, the laws do not prohibit playing in casinos that are legally in the country, that is, in a casino whose servers are legally located in Kanavak.


Britain has the laws that govern casinos that are the simplest and most loyal in all of Europe, and perhaps even the whole world. This is because in Britain historically there is a good attitude to gambling. Nevertheless, the law sets a large tax for casinos with online dealers in order to tighten control over them.


You should immediately put all the dots on the “i”: casinos in Australia are allowed. Moreover, it is the Australians who are recognized as the most gamblers in the world. One of the reasons for this state of affairs is the legality of gambling. At the same time, there have never been strict prohibitions on gambling in the country, that is, this sphere has quietly developed. As a result, the gaming industry has come online.


The player should activate the account and replenish the game account by executing a transaction in any of the proposed currencies. Since the audience of virtual gambling establishments has significantly increased due to players from the countries, many Internet sites provide for financial transactions, which is especially convenient for citizens of our country. Replenishment of the deposit is necessary for playing for money at the live casino offered:

  • roulette wheel;
  • baccarat;
  • black Jack;
  • poker,

Since most of the resources that originally provided for the live game in the demo version abandoned the game in free mode. In addition, most virtual gambling establishments are not able to organize their own live game broadcasts, because they use the services of providers that use special software to display a video series, which is recorded by cameras in the studios. Despite some features of the software, in all software products designed for live games, there is:

  • a window that allows you to observe the actions of the dealer in real time;
  • a field where bets are accepted, for example, when playing poker in a live casino;
  • a timer that helps to find out the time for accepting bets;
  • limit table;
  • chat window;
  • settings buttons
  • which allows you to create the most comfortable conditions for live games.

Many regulars of virtual clubs appreciate the advantages of gambling establishments offering to play at tables in real time, as a live game eliminates the use of free-number generators and allows players to show their skills and intuition in a fair game.



Despite all the advantages of playing with real dealers, someone likes to play without a dealer, and someone prefers not to wait for the spin to finish and see the result immediately. Consider the main advantages of live roulette:

  • Social component. There is a chat in live roulette and it allows you to ask questions to the dealer, write to other players. At the same time, the croupier sees these questions and answers the player with his voice, which proves the presence of a live broadcast, and not a costume shooting. After a big win, the player can leave a tip – everything is like in a real casino.
  • Impressions of a real institution. Live broadcasts are conducted from a studio or a land-based foreign casino. Live people, a real gaming table and a roulette wheel, a spinning ball. Your bet may be close to the bets of live players of this institution. The impressions of the game are much more lively than what you get when starting a regular virtual roulette in an online casino.
  • There is always free space at the table. Players of land-based casinos know that not every table can accommodate everyone and sometimes you have to wait until space is available. There is always a place in live roulette and you can start the game for any of them at any time.
  • Winning is determined by the ball. If you do not trust the electronic random number generator, then live roulette is for you. Here, the ball launched by the croupier and your luck determines the result of each rotation. Everything is like in a real institution.

In a large assortment of games for live dealers, you can always find European live roulette and American and French. The first option is the most popular and is present in every online casino on our list.


The technical equipment of such online sites helps players to feel like visitors to real gambling establishments without leaving their own home and offering a fresh look at the game process, having received vivid impressions. In addition, blackjack in live casinos does not provide for the use ofknowledge of the so-called random number generators, therefore, success in the game, in many respects, depends on the observant player and the skill of dealers. Several cameras that transmit the image from various angles provide careful monitoring of the actions of the dealer, and the completeness of the reproduced image depends on:

  • The technical capabilities of the player’s computer.
  • Stability of the Internet connection.

Fans of gambling are able to fully immerse themselves in the atmosphere of a reputable gaming club. Live casino, thanks to the ability to watch the game in real time, allows you to immerse yourself in the game process, creating optimal conditions for the visitor. In particular, in addition to visual observation, the player is invited to useful information that will help to make the most rational decision in certain situations at the card table.Customize the process for yourself using many options and parameters. It is the realism of what is happening at the gaming table, the feeling of being in a reputable gambling establishment, and the effectiveness of the game, which depends only on the player’s ability, that determined the preferences of many regulars of virtual clubs.


The development of the gambling business in the virtual space made it possible to offer fans of excitement not only gaming slots, but also more refined entertainment, for example, playing baccarat for money in a live casino. Card games, where, unlike computer programs, real dealers play the game on behalf of the establishment, allow you to plunge into the atmosphere of reputable gambling houses and get a solid win in monetary units of different countries. Therefore, baccarat in live casinos is becoming increasingly popular among players in Russia and neighboring countries.


Despite the rather simple rules of the game, the presence at the card table requires more endurance and composure from the participants than when playing blackjack, as the player is able to make larger bets and, therefore, count on a very impressive win. In addition, playing baccarat for money in a live casino, as in a real gambling establishment, is not transient and chips can go from player to dealer for several hours until an absolute winner is revealed in the game. High risks and aristocracy of this type of card game dictate their own rules of behavior at the gaming table, and the size of bets requires restraint and patience, and the size of minimum bets at different tables with baccarat can differ significantly, which can serve as a certain dress code for players.


If one of the foundations of a successful poker game is considered to be the ability to quickly perform mathematical calculations, then playing baccarat in a live casino rejects the use of science and requires the player to use intuition, which allows regular gambling clubs to enthusiastically follow the process and not leave the table for a long time. However, the regulars of live online casinos recommend not to change the fields during the game, that is, adhere to the chosen strategy. In addition, given that:

  • bets on the player are paid in the ratio 1:1;
  • playing on the side of the bank – also, but minus 5% in favor of a gambling establishment;
  • draw – 9: 1,
  • involves both high risks and substantial gains.

Some of the nuances of scoring when playing baccarat allow the player to collect a combination with the optimal amount of points by getting three cards in hand, while the croupier has the right to count on four. However, due to the fact that the prize goes to the one who not only collected the most points from one to nine, but also put on the right field, you should not bother yourself with mathematics, but play for your own pleasure, enjoying the atmosphere of a solid gambling establishment and lively communication. The ability to visually observe the professional actions of the croupier and the reaction of partners on the table makes it possible to have a good time and, if successful, get a solid win. Therefore, an increasing number of regular visitors to virtual gambling clubs prefer to play gambling in live casinos.


Thanks to the development of computer technology, virtual gambling establishments are able to offer fans of excitement new types of card games in real time. In addition, poker in a live casino provides live communication and visual observation of the actions of the dealer, which allows you to enjoy the game both for a novice and for an experienced player, regardless of the result.


A successful poker game involves not only knowledge of the fundamentals and principles of the game, but also the development of your own strategy, which is largely based on the ability to quickly execute matematic calculations and analyze the actions of opponents on the card table. Initially, many virtual clubs offered to play poker in live casinos at long tables, which, in addition to professional croupiers, provided for the presence of several players. However, the results of such poker competitions were not in favor of gambling establishments, therefore, the developers created a new version of the game and poker players had the opportunity to show their skills and knowledge in confrontation with an experienced dealer. The ability to play poker in a live casino allows you to quickly replenish your gaming account and withdraw winnings, regardless of course changes, which eliminates the inevitable financial losses during the exchange operations and helps to join the game by transferring the necessary amount of money at any time. However, the presence at the poker table excludes the game in free mode, because the player must go through a simple registration procedure and replenish his deposit. However, the registration of an account in many reputable gambling establishments is a guarantee of security, since a well-designed account on the site involves a number of checks to help stop attempts by fraudsters from fraudulent actions.


The game against a real croupier, according to many beginners, can serve as an excellent school before a novice poker player begins the game at long tables, as it allows:

  • focus on the game with one opponent;
  • make more informed decisions;
  • work out effective tactical moves,
  • and achieve high game performance, regardless of the strength of the starting cards.

The ability to apply your knowledge in the field of psychology and number theory in a game with a real opponent, whose actions and emotions can be observed thanks to the video broadcast of the match, will help the player gain the necessary experience and quickly assess the situation at the card table. Therefore, a live online casino can become a platform where a player who is seriously passionate about poker can hone his skills, receiving a steady income from a successful game.


Live Casino Hold’em, users must collect the best 5-card combination using the two cards that the dealer has dealt to them and five community cards laid out on the table. The game is played with a standard deck of 52 cards, which are shuffled after each deal. Casino customers do not play among themselves, but against the institution represented by the dealer. Detailed rules of Hold’em casino are described in a special article in the Rules section. In this review, we will consider only the main features of Playtech’s Live Casino Hold’em. The dealer’s minimum game is a pair of fours. If he has a game and you win, the ante (the “Initial bid” field) is paid according to the table, and the call bet (the “Play” field) is 1: 1. If the dealer does not have a game, only the initial bet is paid, and the call is returned to the player. Payouts at the initial rate:

  • Royal Flush – 100: 1
  • Straight Flush – 20: 1
  • 4 identical (square) – 10: 1
  • Full house – 3: 1
  • Flash – 2: 1
  • Street and less – 1: 1

Players can also make an additional bet on the “AA” field. She wins if in the first five cards (flop and pocket cards) the dealer deals a combination of two aces and older. This bet is paid regardless of the result of the main draw according to the following factors:

  • Royal Flush – 100: 1
  • Straight Flush – 50: 1
  • 4 identical (square) – 40: 1
  • Full House – 30: 1
  • Flash – 20: 1
  • Street, tris, two pairs, a pair of aces – 7: 1

The process of playing at Playtech’s Live Casino Hold’em begins with selecting a table from the list below. Upon entering the program, the player selects the value of the chips with which he will bet and clicks on the “Initial Bet” field. He can also put on the field “AA”. Then you need to confirm the bets by clicking the appropriate button. The dealer deals two cards to himself and the player. All casino customers play at Live Casino Hold’em for one common box, but see only their bets. Then the flop is dealt – three community cards. The player evaluates the strength of his cards and makes one of two decisions: make a bet on the “Play” field (it is two times older than the initial bet) or discard cards and lose the antes. After this, the dealer adds two more cards to the flop (turn and river). The computer automatically determines the strongest combination and pays out if the player wins. The range of bets may vary in different casinos offering Playtech’s Live Casino Hold’em. At EuroGrand Casino, the initial bet should be between $ 5 – $ 50, and the bet onand the field “AA” – in the range of $ 2 – $ 100. If a player makes a bet, after which a disconnection occurs, he is automatically transferred to the version of the game with a random number generator. The next time he enters the casino, he will be able to finish the distribution in this way.


In the traditional form, the game consists of a vertically mounted reel, divided into sectors, which indicate the amount of potential wins. There are also cells with extra characters. The same numbers are duplicated on a special table where bets are directly accepted from customers of the institution. The goal of the Fortune Wheel game is to guess which number will fall, make one or more bets and, accordingly, get paid. Usually in sectors the sizes of winnings are immediately written. The smaller this amount, the more such cells on the drum. Most often the following amounts are indicated on the drum: $ 1, $ 2, $ 5, $ 10 and $ 20. Also, the joker is traditionally depicted on the wheel. It can bring a payout that is twice the maximum. This version of the “Wheel of Fortune” is common at the Las Vegas casino. The number of sectors with one or another value in the classic version is as follows:

  • One dollar – 24 cells.
  • Two dollars – 15 cells.
  • Five dollars – 7 cells.
  • Ten dollars – 4 cells.
  • Twenty dollars – 2 cells.
  • Joker – 2 cells.

Clients can make several bets on a single spin at once. The size of the bet is usually fixed – one dollar. If you can bet different amounts, a certain range is determined, and payments are calculated by the coefficients x1, x2, x5, x10, x20.



Today, those that provide players with the impression of a real casino, allowing them to interact and enjoy the authentic atmosphere of the establishment without leaving their homes, occupy a significant share of the online gambling market. One of the first companies that managed to recreate the atmosphere of a real casino on the Internet was Evolution Gaming, founded in 2006. It is no secret that a combination of quality and reliability gives impetus to the gambling business. In the case of Evolution Gaming, this is especially true. The company’s products are currently used by a huge number of Internet operators that benefit from its offers every day.


The Alderney Gaming Commission (AGCC) approves the Evolution Gaming software, for which it is necessary to ensure compliance with the highest standards of business, a variety of games and compliance with modern technologies. For example, to pass the commission, you simply need to have different versions of the most popular casino games, including blackjack, baccarat and roulette. The online casino software from Evolution Gaming boasts considerable flexibility – it not only easily integrates third-party content, but also can be fully customized to make the solution convenient for operators and their users. In addition to certain settings, Evolution Gaming offers its customers cost-effective, as well as technically developed and ineveryone’s relationship is an innovative solution that contains a whole set of “work cabinet” tools, offering the possibility of localization and personalization, which undoubtedly promises more traffic to online casino operators. Features of Evolution Gaming Casino:

  • Interesting, attractive and lively games (various types of roulette, blackjack, baccarat, slot machines).
  • Dedicated tables.
  • The visual effect of a television studio with language support.
  • Customizable casino bonus structure.
  • Multi-channel live support 24/7.
  • Honesty and safety.

This aspect is one of the most important things in the field of gambling. Evolution Gaming is trying to keep the relationship between the casino and the user transparent, providing the latter with an understanding of what they pay money for. From a security point of view, this means:

  • AGCC Approval.
  • Offices throughout Europe.
  • License of the Latvian Gaming Commission, known for its affection for the Italian regulatory authority 3PC.
  • eCOGRA License (one of the first providers of online games outside Microgaming to obtain this license).
  • Certified by an independent TST laboratory.

Since the policies of individual online casinos may differ from the opinions of Evolution Gaming, it is important that you familiarize yourself with the conditions of the casino before depositing.


Gaming software Playtech is a guarantee of quality and reliability of online casinos. Independent company TST regularly checks Playtech software for quality standards and honesty. Thus, if you are looking for a reliable and proven online casino, you can safely opt for one of the casinos running on this software. For reference, many online casinos that previously worked on other software switched to Playtech software. Playtech online casinos usually accept dollars, euros and pounds and work with almost all methods of depositing and withdrawing funds.Playtech online casinos feature generous bonuses, both introductory (sometimes even no deposit) and rewards for loyal players.


Microgamingis one of the leading developers of software (games) for online casinos around the world. The Microgaming portfolio contains more than a thousand games that are designed not only for playing on computers and laptops, but also for mobile platforms (for mobile casinos). The company’s portfolio of games includes slot machines, table games, video poker, bingo, roulette, online poker and much more. The company is trying to adhere to high standards, as well as pay great attention to the quality and reliability of the released games. To run casino games from Microgaming it is not necessary to download software to a computer, since most of them are developed using HTML 5, which allows you to run games and play them for real money right in your browser. True, by downloading the casino software on your computer, you will significantly expand the list of games that you can play. Microgaming employees are trying to do everything to bring the company to a leading position and they succeed. For example, it was this developer who first developed and released a progressive jackpot video slot for online casinos, so many online gambling enthusiasts got the opportunity to win big wins with one spin of the reels. In mid-2016, Microgaming developed the first online slot for SmartWatch Samsung Galaxy Gear. In addition, this supplier is listed in the Guinness Book of Records, thanks to a win on one of the slots, the amount of which amounted to € 17,879,645.12. By the way, the total amount of payments in slot machines, with a constantly growing jackpot has already exceeded € 574,000,000.


Darwin Palenzuela founded the company. We can say that it was he who was at the forefront of the live casino games industry. In 2005, Darwin became one of the founders of Evolution Gaming and served as CTO. Thanks to the experience gained in 2013, Extreme Live Gaming appears, in which Darwin is the CEO. The company is developing in several directions, the development of games for live casino is paramount. Much attention is also paid to the integration of the game process with land-based casinos. The portfolio includes roulette, blackjack, baccarat and variations of these games. Extreme Live Gaming casinos can offer players an extraordinarily fun gaming experience with unique variations of board games. For example, additional bonuses or integration with roulette and slots from Novomatic. Extreme Live Gaming is regulated by the UK Gambling Commission, approved by the Malta Gambling Authority and regularly reviewed by eCogra as well as Quinel.


Each dealer makes every effort to make the atmosphere of the game relaxed, in which players can feel comfortable. Of course, all the croupiers are real professionals who possess not only a pleasant appearance, but also the necessary skills and knowledge of the game.


What do people associate with Sweden? For car lovers, Sweden is associated with car brands such as Volvo and Saab. For music lovers – with the group ABBA. For interior designers – with IKEA. All of the above is also distinguished by Swedish quality and reliability. Gambling enthusiasts were not left out: in Sweden, one of the most promising and progressive online casino software development companies was founded – NetEnt (short for Net Entertainment). The company Net Entertainment rightfully bears the title of one of the leading suppliers of slot machines, the development of which uses a wide variety of well-known and reliable brands in the field of online casinos. And this is not surprising, since the goal of creating the company was to bring exclusively high-quality and technologically advanced products to the market with a lot of innovations. NetEnt was one of the first companies in the development of games for online casinos and managed to win the hearts of millions of users around the world. Currently, NetEnt’s customers are more than 250 online casinos, among which are 888 Casino, William Hill Casino, Bet365 Casino, PokerStars Casino, Betsafe Casino, Unibet Casino and several other popular institutions, which clearly hints at the popularity and reliability of the games provided by NetEnt. As they say, the best choose the best. The company employs more than 700 employees in different countries of the world. NetEnt’s head office is located in the capital of Sweden, Stockholm, with the majority of employees working in Malta. NetEnt’s portfolio includes over 200 different games.


The complexity of the architecture is one of the main distinguishing features of the Portomaso Gaming platform. This allows you to achieve the highest quality when broadcasting gambling with live dealers from the studio. The interface used to interact with customers is distinguished by the fact that it is intuitive and is a simple system. HD images are responsible for the clarity of the video image, and several special sensors located on the gaming table ensure the accuracy. If a player has a high-speed Internet connection, he can communicate with the dealer almost instantly. This ensures an uninterrupted flow of the game, when the user instantly receives everything that he needs, while not interfering with the work of the dealer. As for account management, it is carried out quickly, efficiently and safely. All information is transmitted instantly over a secure channel. The system interface is also endowed with a large number of additional tools.


Ezugicompany (pronounced in Russian as Ezugi or Ezugi) was founded in 2013 by KfirKagler and today is one of the leading suppliers of games with live dealers for online casinos (a list of such institutions can be found in the casino section with a live dealer). The developer carries out activities under a license issued by the Gaming Commission of Curacao, which controls the quality and reliability of the company’s software. The developers of the company Yezugi are working hard to make Live casino games for real money more exciting and interesting for end users, i.e. for players. To do this, they apply all their experience and implement the latest technologies in the software they produce.


Vivo Gaming was founded in 2009, making it a software provider with a significant amount of time in the online gaming industry. Thanks to the valuable experience and knowledge gained over the years, the company has developed a moderately wide range of games for live casinos. It has offices in various locations around the world, and its headquarters is in Miami, Florida. The company also offers gaming solutions for land-based casinos with the same idea – to help them expand their activities in this area and provide them with more games worldwide level.


Dealers undergo regular training, so they are real professionals. The company also trains additional staff, these are shift managers, employees who communicate with players in the chat and provide support to them. Such an integrated approach to training allows us to guarantee compliance with the high standards of “fair play” and the prevention of errors. Vivo croupiers have a pleasant appearance and are able to create a friendly atmosphere for players to maximize


The creation of LuckyStreak dates back to 2014. In just a year of existence, she managed to gain popularity, and take far from the last line in the global casino market with live dealers. Despite the fact of competition, the solution proposed by the developer Lucky Streak is already widely used by many gaming platforms. A good online casino combines a number of characteristics, the main of which is a unique design, a variety of innovations, interesting bonuses and a positive story. However, the main advantages of games with live dealers include the opportunity to watch what is happening in real time. This eliminates all sorts of manipulations by the gaming club. Gamers will be able to access their favorite games, having access to a PC or smartphone with an Internet connection, and start making bets. Lucky Streak management claims that success has been achieved thanks to three significant factors:

  • modern technology;
  • flexible settings;
  • intuitive interface.

The developer managed to create high-quality live games that have received recognition among players and gambling establishments.


The variety of games is amazing. The company produces a variety of slots, video games, RPGs and bingo. But while this software is not as popular as live games, which we will talk about below:



Live dealer casino bonus can be divided into two large groups: general and special (differ in that they are designed exclusively for playing with live dealers or are charged for some activity in the live section). Also, such incentives can be divided by type into:

  • Deposit (require replenishment of the account, for example, a welcome bonus for registration, weekly deposit rewards and so on) and no deposit (do not require replenishment of the account);
  • regular promotions (weekly, monthly, quarterly bonuses) and one-time.
  • Free time bonuses.
  • Other promotions (for the use of alternative payment methods, payment for a friend, a birthday present and the like).

The most common special bonus is a deposit promotion with the ability to receive from $ 25 to $ 100 on an account. It is calculated after the minimum deposit, which should be used only in games with the dealer.


No deposit bonuses are the best bonuses for any player in the casino. Because such promotions give players the opportunity to try out all the features of the casino. This is even more true for casinos with live dealers. Such an opportunity allows the player to try live roulette or live blackjack without making a deposit. Any interested player in the casino, which provides for no deposit bonus, must register at the casino following all the instructions. After that, he will receive a bonus and try out any game in the casino according to the terms of the promotion. But we warn that the number of games is very limited, but you can play the main ones. Such a bonus is very useful for those who are afraid to make their first deposit for some reason. Since there is no demo account in live dealers, this is a great option.


What you need to know about withdrawing money from a casino? There are several points about the withdrawal of money from the casino, which must be mentioned. Most establishments allow their players to choose a withdrawal method. Not all online casinos support cashing out a credit card, although withdrawal to a Visa debit is allowed. The most profitable option is an electronic WebMoney or Skrill wallet. Among the possible.


Visa and MasterCard as a method of depositing in a casino are very convenient. Firstly, they are accepted in all decent institutions. If the deposit methods do not have these options, then you need to find very good reasons to play in such an institution. Secondly, the deposit rate is almost instantaneous. Thirdly, after checking the card and yourself once, then you can use.


In online casinos you can use many deposit methods, except Visa and MasterCard. A good option is electronic wallets. Their famous representatives are Skrill, WebMoney, I-Money and Qiwi. The common thing that unites all electronic wallets is speed, security and a high degree of confidentiality. Let’s analyze the advantages of e-wallets in more detail: Speed ​​- in most.


Prepaid cards are very convenient for those players who are afraid to lose large amounts of money in one session. You buy a prepaid card for a certain amount in advance from PaysafeCard, Neosurf or Entropay, and then in the recharge section you enter the data of this card. Thus, you can only lose the money that was on this card. But when you withdraw money, then such a card is no longer suitable. To do this, you can use only personal electronic wallets or bank cards.


All online casinos follow the trends, so in the replenishment tools you can find replenishment using Bitcoin. This new cryptocurrency is anonymous and safe to transfer. A lot of people prefer to use it when shopping on the Internet, so maybe you will think about a new wallet with Bitcoin?


For most users of online casinos, it is important to have a mobile version of the site. Many players prefer to play live dealers’ favorite games on their smartphones and tablets. This is convenient when you have a free minute and you can play your favorite blackjack on your phone. Because of this trend, many developers have made mobile versions of their site. But still check availability before registration if you like to play live games from a mobile device.



Yes, of course it’s safe. Firstly, the whole game takes place in live mode, which means that cheating is almost impossible in such conditions. Secondly, if the dealer made a mistake, then the managers who observe each game will pause and issue a correct verdict according to the rules. However, in live dealers, mistakes almost never happen, because dealers in casinos are professional who have vast experience. Do I have to download a special casino app? Usually all casinos are played in a browser window. It is on the phone and computer. The application must be downloaded. I might accidentally stumble upon scammers.


There are no such opportunities. This is easy to explain. This is not possible, live dealers do not have such an opportunity.


Yes, of course you can communicate in English (or another language). The dealer will respond to your every message in text chat.


In the event of a loss of connection, your decision will be automatically made for you. After the game is played, you will automatically leave the place and be able to take it after reconnecting if it is free.


Such an outcome is practically impossible. Firstly, a message board will tell him that he was mistaken. Then the managers check the situation using cameras. After that, there will be a replay or the right decision is made.


Yes, everyone has wondered it at some point; when playing at a casino, can you trust if the games are actually fair & give true “random number generator” results, OR are they rigged?We think the easy answer here is No, at regulated brick and mortar, and land based casinos, the games are NOT rigged. If they were rigged, no one would play at them & they would rapidly be shut down by gaming regulatory authorities. As most people know, ‘the house always wins’ and they do in fact have a built-in edge over gamblers, however this’ edge’ overall is usually around 3% -10% better than the players’ odds. Here’s a quick overview on how this all works, and what to expect playing at online and land based casinos.