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Playing roulette online may challenge tons of gamblers. Many love to play ordinary roulette. The honest truth is ...

Roulette is probably one of the most popular casino games you will come across. Because this casino game is a crowd favorite, whether you decide to play in person or at one of the available online casinos, you’re guaranteed to enjoy your time and even potentially make some money. If you want to try your hand at Roulette, read our beginner’s guide to online roulette to learn the best tips and tricks to improve your game at the wheel of luck.

Choosing the Best Online Casino For Roulette

There are a variety games to choose from when it comes to online casinos. Some players enjoy games like poker or Blackjack as they enjoy the strategic aspect involved, while others choose games for leisure.  Roulette’s overall popularity is certainly because  it is an incredibly simple game to learn and also play, requiring little to no skill or technique.

Why Choose to Play Roulette Online?

  • This popular casino game has been played since the 18th century
  • It is strictly a game of luck
  • Roulette is famous around the world and can be found in almost any casino
  • It is a simple game to understand and play

Find the Top Online Roulette Casino with These 4 Tips

1) Before you sign up, have a look at the casino’s roulette games.

Before you decide to commit to any online casino and put in your bank details and personal information, it would be beneficial to check out the online casino’s selection of Roulette games. These days there’s a larger variety of games than just European and American Roulette. You’ll find that there is quite a big selection of Roulette and sometimes you’ll find Live Roulette as well. This allows a player to experience the best gaming experience without having to leave the comfort of their home. All of the online casino sites we recommend provide both free and real money Roulette games all over the internet. This allows you to select your preference and even practice the game completely free with zero risk before putting in your hard earned money at the many online casinos.

2) Keep an Eye Out For the Top Roulette Bonuses

We always recommend that you take benefit from any good online casino bonus you come across, regardless of how big or small your budget is. Essentially, these incentives allow you to play for more time, perhaps putting you in a position to win a large sum of money.

3) Choose a Trustworthy & Secure Site

Fairness and security are two crucial factors to consider while playing Roulette online. It’s usually a good idea to do a little research on the casino’s licensing, security criteria, and pay out amounts before signing up. You can always rely for us to do the research for you if you don’t have the desire or patience to do it yourself. We only recommend online casinos that we deem safe and secure for you to enjoy.

4) Pick a Casino That You Can Access on All Your devices

Choosing a site that’s compatible on all your devices can be an important aspect to consider. Sometimes you may want to play on your desktop, while other times it may be more convenient to use your tablet or smart phone. Many of the casinos we recommend offer compatibility on multiple devices that you can play on your web browser or an app you can download.

European and American Roulette: What are the Key Differences?

Online Roulette Guide

Today there a lot of different variations of Roulette online you can choose from; however, European and American Roulette reign supreme and are a crowd favorite. If you’re trying to decide which version to play, it’s beneficial to learn the distinctions between the two types. These variations are related to the strategy and rules of the game. At Online Casino mag, we are familiar with both versions and we’ve done the proper homework to better understand the differences between them. Here we will share those differences.

European Roulette

European Roulette started in Germany and France. The version of this Roulette is considered the original Roulette as it started long before the American version came into play. The single zero is the primary attraction to this game. The green zero pocket symbolizes the house edge. In this version of the game, that’s roughly 2.70%.  If this pocket didn’t exist, it would end up being a zero-sum game, and both the players, as well as the house could end up breaking even. Casinos obviously do not operate in this manner. European Roulette is the roulette game that you may play on our Free Casino Games website.

American Roulette

Before becoming the game we know today as American Roulette, the American roulette wheel saw a number of modifications. It has 36 numbered pockets as well as two green spaces for 0 and 00. The classic version of this game in the late 1800s, included the digits 1 to 28 including 0, 00, as well as a pocket with an American eagle. The house advantage was considerable in this version since a single number wager only gave a pay out 27 times the amount. Approximately every tenth spin resulted in a 0, 00, or eagle, resulting in the house winning all of the chips on the table. As a result, in those days, not very many players could leave the game with a win. Fortunately, since these earlier American versions were formed in Louisiana and worked up the Mississippi, the players’ chances have improved. Of course, the house still definitely has an advantage, although it has been greatly diminished in contemporary games.

American VS European: Which One to Play

There is just one main distinction between the two in reality. The main distinction is that European roulette wheels just have only one zero pocket, whereas American roulette wheels have two. One of those pockets has a single zero, while the other is imprinted with a double zero, as previously stated. Choosing the proper wheel you want to play Roulette on before actually starting to play your game is probably the most crucial component of a successful online Roulette approach. The truth is that unless you’re feeling unreasonably loyal and don’t mind losing a lot of money for no reason, there’s no need to play American roulette at all.

The truth is that the double zero slot does nothing but reduce your chances of winning, and because both games are widely accessible online, it seems silly to choose anything other than the choice that provides you the highest chance of winning a large sum. Furthermore, European roulette has other perks, like the “En Prison” rule. This rule applies when a player lays an even-money wager on zero and the ball lands on zero. When this wager is placed, the player’s wager is «imprisoned» until the following turn. If the player’s initial wager wins on the following spin, the player’s chips are returned! Unfortunately, while this rule is common in European roulette, it’s frequently not offered to American roulette players.

The Rules of Casino Roulette

Online Roulette is incredibly easy to play. Both the European and American Roulette versions have red and black wheels, apart from the solitary green pocket with a zero in the European wheel of roulette. The American variation has the same green pocket with a zero and also a green double zero pocket. The information following will center around the strategies of American Roulette, although, European Roulette is played in a similar manner with a slight variation in the rules.

1) Put Your Wagers on the Roulette Wheel

At the start of the game, you’ll need to choose where you want to place your wagers. The numbers and their correlated colors are marked on the Roulette table. On the wheel there are numbers from zero and double zero all the way up to thirty-six. A player can choose between placing bets on single numbers, a particular color, groups of numbers, odd or even numbers, or red or black. A player can even choose to cover the entire table with wagers. For an in-depth guide on how to properly wager in Roulette, it would be beneficial to check out our guide on how to play Roulette.

2) Click ‘Spin’ to allow the Dealer to Start the Game

After you’ve decided on where you’d like to place your bets, you simply click the ‘Spin’ button and the online dealer will spin the virtual wheel.

3) Wait for the Wheel to Stop to See the Results

Now you wait for the wheel to stop spinning, and the winning player will get their winnings based on the pay table. You may increase your chances of winning by keeping to the minimum on the table and just putting outside bets, such as betting only on red or only black for every spin. This form of outside wagers has a pay out of  one to one and also covers about half of the available combinations, according upon that wheel you’re playing on. Naturally, if you opt to wager on only one number, your odds of winning are substantially reduced; yet, if you do happen to land on that exact number, the payoff will be enormous.

Strategy of Roulette

Because the great game of luck has been played for centuries, many players have attempted to crack the alleged Roulette formula. Every now and then, a player will come up and claim that they have won by employing the «optimal» strategy to defeat the casino at its own game.

Unfortunately, we have to tell you, coming up with the perfect winning strategy has definitely been done before by another player in the past. And because casinos are still thriving, it is safe to say that the optimal strategy was probably not realistic. The truth is Roulette is simply an authentic game of luck, and that is all it comes down to. Simply put, the win the game, you just need to get a lucky streak. Regardless, you should always choose a casino that is ruled by a Random Number Generator. This will guarantee that every spin you perform is a fair and honest one that is simply based on your good fortune and only that.

However, learning about the many rules and strategies is still worthwhile. You’ll be able to get a better understanding of the Roulette and how to play it at its best this way. Those that play blindly are usually the ones that end up losing. If you’re curious on playing Roulette effectively, check out the James Bond Roulette Technique.

The following table outlines the many elements you should examine when determining whether or not to adopt one of these special roulette tactics when playing Roulette.

Strategy Difficulty Level Risk Short/Long Term Profitable
Martingale Easy Low Long Term Yes
James Bond Easy Low Short Term Yes
Paroli Easy High Short Term Yes
D’Alembert Easy Low Long Term No
Fibonacci Easy High Long Term Yes

Managing Money in Roulette

When we’re talking about managing your money in roulette, planning is crucial to ensure you’re successful.  The planning method is actually one of the most important things that can ensure you will have great fortune in Roulette. Below are some tips to help you better.

Tips For Money Management

  1. Create and commit to a Roulette Money Management Bankroll! You need to make a game plan and think about how much money and how frequently you want to bet if you don’t want the game to end after only a couple of spins. It’s crucial you only play with money you can afford to forfeit. You want to have fun, not lose all your savings.
  2. To properly manage your roulette money, stay away from the Martingale System. Many roulette fans rave about the Martingale technique, as well as the James Bond Roulette Strategy, the fact is that, as efficient as it is for many players, it can soon deplete your bankroll.
  3. Be aware of the odds. Because roulette is basically a game of luck, the casino will always have an advantage, so whatever technique or cash management strategies you apply will have to be quite good in order for you to profit. In the end, it’s better to be safe than sorry.
  4. Quit When You’re Ahead! A deceptively basic notion lies at the heart of effective roulette money management: recognize when it’s time to walk away! The truth is that a clever player is one who understands how much cash they want to play the game with, as well as how much cash he’s prepared to forfeit. In addition, if he ends up losing all the money he budgeted for this reason, he will not seek the money he has lost.

Do Roulette Wagering Systems Actually Work?

If you enjoy playing Roulette, you’ve definitely heard that adopting Roulette Betting Systems may help you improve your game. And, while this may sound like good news to all you avid gamblers out there, incorporating wagering systems as an aspect of your technique does not guarantee that you will win. You will never be able to eliminate the house edge, regardless of whether you apply the famed Martingale method, the Labouchere method, Reverse Paroli, or any other strategy. A unfortunate hit of the ball may always result in a defeat so don’t stake your hard earned dollars on a single wheel spin.

If you want to use betting systems, our sole advice is to stay with positive progressive methods like the Reverse D’Alembert System, Paroli, and Reverse Labouchere. You won’t have to increase your stake every time you lose if you use one of them, only when you actually win.

Get to Know the Game by Playing Our Free Online Roulette

It’s time to start mastering the game’s rules and strategies now that you’ve learned everything there is to know about it. If you’re hesitating to go immediately to a casino to try your luck, you should first play with our free Roulette game. Just select the ‘Play Now’ key underneath to begin playing with our complimentary play money. Visit our Free Casino Games page for more free games.

The History of Roulette

If you’re familiar with the French terminology in Roulette, it’s probably pretty obvious where the game originated. The name «roulette» comes from the French term for «small wheel,» and it is said to have originated in the 18th century with Blaise Pascal’s circular perpetual motion machine. The famous game was enjoyed in many parts of Europe for a long time before finally making it’s way to America sometime in the 19th century. Aesthetically, it did not stay exactly the same as the European version because Americans decided to add a second green slot to the Roulette wheel. This resulted in two different variations of the game: American Roulette and European Roulette. The famous wheel has become an iconic feature of the casino industry, and it is now regarded an essential and fundamental aspect of it.

Variations of Online Roulette — The Top Roulette Games Online

The online casino movement has sparked a great rivalry among online casino software providers to provide additional variations of games traditionally seen in live casinos. This may explain why there are so many distinct options available to when you want to play. The following are some of the variations of Roulette you’ll come across online:

French Roulette

This variation is typically linked to Monte Carlo casinos, where you’ll find players congregating around the Roulette table. This specific game of luck was invented in France and became extremely popular during the French Revolution. The game’s regulations are mostly the same as those of European Roulette, yet there are a few exceptions.

Mini Roulette

Mini Roulette is a form of the game that is based on less numbers and features a much smaller wheel than its standard American and European versions of Roulette. It can be found at several Playtech Casinos online. This edition, which only has 13 numbers (0-12) on its wheel, has a house edge of around 7.69 percent and follows the similar rules as the European version of the game.

Multi-ball Roulette

When you’re bored of playing roulette in its traditional style, Multi-ball Roulette is a fun modern spin on the classic game of Roulette! The game is played with more than a single ball, as the name implies. There are also variants of this game employing two, three, or even ten balls. The red and black slotted wheel, as well as the table are identical to those used in the European version of the game. Because there is just one single zero pocket in the game, the house edge, which is 2.7 percent is equally the same!

Multi-Wheel Roulette

Many Microgaming and Playtech casinos on the internet offer Multi-Wheel Roulette. This form of online Roulette, as the name suggests, has numerous wheels. If you’re acquainted with Roulette, you’ll find the game to be rather simple to comprehend. The basic goal of the this version of the game is to guess where the ball will fall on the many wheels that are there. When playing this version of Roulette, you’ll discover 8 wheels in the Microgaming variation and 6 in the Playtech version.

Roulette Pro

This variation is a NetEnt-developed game that serves as a great substitute to the traditional version of the game of Roulette. The wheel resembles the one used in American Roulette, with two zero pockets labeled 0 and 00. The only distinction is that it has some extra features.

3D Roulette

Playtech’s 3D roulette is a variation of the popular game. In terms of functionality, this version is very similar to other European games. This variation still has just one zero and maintains the same principles as before. The main difference is that this game is in 3D, which means that the graphics are somewhat superior.

Roulette Royale

This variation is a premium online Roulette game allows players to earn a greater reward than they would normally get while playing traditional roulette. The wheel is comparable to the one used in the American version, and it is played in the same way as the classic variation of the game. However, the biggest difference is the jackpot side wager, yet the house edge is larger at 7.9 percent.

Pinball Roulette

Pinball Roulette is a fun variation of Roulette to try out. The table in this game is identical to that in the European edition. The notable feature in this variation is the absence of a wheel. The winning number is determined by a pinball machine from a classic arcade! This game is offered at a number of Playtech casinos online.

Online Roulette FAQs

How does one play roulette online?

Roulette is a thrilling game to play in both land-based casinos and online or even live dealer casinos. To begin, place your wagers wherever you choose on the table. Wagers can be placed both within the table as well as outside the table. Our roulette rules page has further guidance on how to play the game of roulette.

How do you play roulette for free?

Check out our free roulette page to play our exclusive game of roulette absolutely free.  If you’re a newbie or want to test out our roulette technique guidelines, you may practice roulette here.

What are the top sites for roulette online?

Our top list is a list of the best trustworthy online casinos where you may play this iconic table game. You can also see our top-rated roulette casinos here. There are several different types of roulette games available online, including American and European Roulette. Many of our casinos also have live roulette games available.

Is roulette online rigged?

No, online roulette isn’t rigged. Rigging games is prohibited because third-party firms frequently verify the unpredictability of programmed numbers. Roulette is fair and honest for every player thanks to these RNGs.

Is there a technique to win roulette?

While playing roulette, you can utilize a variety of techniques. Because roulette is mostly a game of luck, strong probability bets offer you a half-chance of actually winning, whereas inside bets pay out more but are higher risk. You can improve your chances of winning by using our betting strategies. It’s important to remember, however, that no betting method is foolproof.

What is the safest wager when playing roulette?

The simple response is to place a red or black bet. You have a 50/50 chance of winning if you use these. The lengthy answer is that outer table bets have the lowest risk overall. Unlike inside the table and you wager on a one number or a small set of numbers, you have considerably better chance of winning on the outside table.

Where can I play roulette for real money online?

You have the opportunity to play online roulette at any of the online casinos on our suggested list on this page. You can also check out our critiques and evaluations before signing up and beginning to play. Playing for real money is basically determined by the laws governing internet gambling in the nation or state where you’re choosing to play.

How do I win at roulette online?

Using the greatest techniques is the greatest way to win at roulette online. These would help you decide what kind of wagers to place at each round. This is determined by whether you lost or won on the previous turn, the amount you wager, and the location of your wagers on the table of roulette.

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