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Enter into the wilderness and try your luck against the night wolf – which howls to the moon.
Catch the stars from the sky.
The predator of the ocean brings you great rewards!
This truly wild game is set to get the heart of all avid gaming fans racing. The respin feature makes up the core of this entertaining game.
Welcome to the Wild Dragon!
7 is the magic number!
Welcome to Transylvania!
The Ultimate Temptation
Who is twittering here?
hese big cats are on the prowl, looking to bring you luck.
An ancient myth comes back to life.
Find your luck under the Sakura tree!
In Japan, great winnings bloom!
The Royal Unicorn in the guardian of its fairy world.
It’s time to spice up the day with Red Chilli.
The powerful Dragon brings you plenty of winnings
Don’t count the lines – count the fun.
Get the Party started!
Prost to pure liquid gold winnings in this game!
Let the numbers roll and winning chances be multiplied up to 12x
Let the numbers roll and winning chances be multiplied up to 12x
There are a lot of winnings in this Merry Fruit game!
Follow the beautiful mermaid on 10 lines through her gorgeous realm to find the chest full of gold.
Experience the thrill of fishing for winnings!
Magic is in the air!
The leprechaun is on the loose and he’s looking for that pot of gold over the rainbow.
Follow the angel of luck when choosing the personalized win symbol to collect prizes and retrigger even more spins in the bonus spin run!
With Lucky Respin the winnings go through the roof!
A loveable little rascal
Try your luck with the Joker!
Let the Harlequin Girl be your Lucky Charm!
No Joke - 20 Ways to Win!
The WILD sexy temptress is waiting to seduce big wins!
Enter into the oriental world when playing Lucky Coin.
For whom toll the lucky bells?
Join our Lovely Lady for good tidings and cheer in this merry game.
Win with the Lady of fortune.
When lightning strikes, wins are multiplied!
The Lady Joker can charm you to your winnings!
This tantalizing fruit game will be the apple of your eye.
The great adventure!
A truly royal experience!
Enter the world of the dwarf king.
Ready for juicy winnings?
Ready for juicy winnings?
7 is the Hot Number!
Reach for the stars with Hot Star
Play for sizzling wins
A bigger, better and hotter deluxe experience!
It is getting HOT with Hot Scatter
Brighten up the night sky with Hot Neon
Juicy winnings boost by flaming fruits!
Hotter than allowed.
Hot fruits and shining stars will sweeten your life!
Hot fruits are the sweetest.
Juicy wins are waiting for you.
Diamonds are forever!
This not only the right choice, it’s the HOT CHOICE to play!
Choose your lucky options!
Are you in the mood to party?
Forty hot ways lead you to massive wins!
Classic Fruits – 27 Ways to win!
Fabulous Casino GrandX offers you slot games with popular casino symbols and atmosphere.
The GRAND TIGER is here and challenges you to chance your luck against him.
Grand Fruits the king of all fruit slots guarantees grand entertainment and turns your symbols and winnings into pure gold.
Check in to a profitable gondola ride through Venice!
Explore the world of Aztec symbolism and send the heroine on a Golden Quest to discover the Mexican treasure caves.
It's Joker Time!
The Golden Book is full of charms.
The sky is the limit with so many gems waiting to be played with.
In a rush to get those fruits?
At last the fruits have been squared to loom like being in a box – giving this game a truly original look.
This gorgeous lady is your lucky charm for winning a fortune. She will lure you on her golden path lined with classic fortune symbols boosting your wins, so let her lucky spell guide you through this charming new adventure.
This fruit game will wet your appetite for more.
The endless battle against wind and waves.
This girl is on fire!
This game can melt icebergs and then cool them down again!
Dive into Egyptian mythology and embrace the gaming power that these symbols can bestow upon you. The right eye of Horus dominates this new, exciting game.
Meet the legendary female pharaoh.
Follow us in the Far East to find the ‘Pearl’ for more and more winnings!
The cute dragon leads you to precious treasures!
This game draws you back into time, the time when dragons and knights fought at battle.
Are you brave enough to catch the Dragons Gift?
The bright shining diamond sets all players on fire with the 5 reel game winning on 50 Win lines!
This monkey is fine and dandy.
Welcome to a colourful festival of winnings!
This is a fruit game with a difference. Just look at the last reel to see why.
Crazy Bee is buzzing with spinning action!
Cool Diamonds are the girls best friends.
Spinning a winning web around you!
Casinova is back in town and the ladies are on the look-out.
Experience the adventures of Giacomo Casanova, the greatest lover of all times!
Unleash the secret of the legendary book.
Discover the treasures of ancient Egypt!
What is written in the Book Of Lords?
No tricks, only juicy fruit treats in-store with this game.
BOOK OF FRUITS – the most valued book in the world!
Pretty witches, old wise wizards, crafty owls, spooky castles. All of them bring luck and richness.
Discover the sacred relics and priceless riches of the Aztec Empire!
Book of Aztec takes you on a wild journey, full of mystic graphics & sounds to create a truly exciting game play.
Dive into a fascinating underwater world and play with the Blue Dolphins
Turn back the hands of time and visit the exciting underworld of Chicago in the 1930s, with Amatic´s Billyonaire
Enter the wonderful, mysterious world of oriental magic with Big Panda.
Join the beautiful warrior in her exciting adventures
Who in this land is the fairest of all?
Enter the enchanted world of Aztec Secret.
Rise like a Phoenix!
Viva Las Vegas with All Ways Win!
Come aboard the famous HMS Victory and join Horatio Nelson in the legendary battle of Trafalgar
It’s time to party Mexican-style in Mariachi Fiesta, from GameArt! So, grab your maracas, don your sombrero and get ready to win!
Discover who’s been lying with Piggy Holmes, the debut game in the Piggy Who! series from GameArt.

Online casino games are the latest hype in the fast-changing entertainment industry. This online gaming trend has by far surpassed the movie series and music craze among the young and the old alike. Contrary to the misconception that gambling is for the nobility, anyone who has attained the legal age can easily log into a casino’s website and instantly start playing their favourite casino games. Today, you do not have to visit a casino premise miles away from home, you can actually play a game of poker or Baccarat from the comfort of your house as you take your dinner with your family. Consequently, there has been a rapid rise in the number of online casinos and players around the world. Not only are online casino games profiting the punters, but various stakeholders are also raking in millions of dollars in annual revenue from the casino industry. These include the iGaming software developers who are responsible for producing the games, the casinos and their staff, internet providers, the casino operators and the banking institutions handling the cash involved. As you can see, the online casino is taking the entertainment industry by storm and greatly contributing to the economy in the process. In this review, we seek to unravel the mystery behind online casino games and the reason why it is the popular form of entertainment today. Join us and learn the ABCs of Online casino gaming.

Types of online casino games

We all love to play and relax in one form of entertainment or other. However, nothing is more exciting than been rewarded for playing casino games or becoming a superstar overnight just for betting on a jackpot game.  Online casinos make this happen by bringing the fun right to your desktop through their irresistible games.  What’s more interesting is the fact that you get to experience the same thrill and anxiety while gaming online just like you would in a land-based casino. The live dealer games where you bet against a handsome Adonis or a beautiful T.V Personality makes sure that you have a wonderful session whether you win or lose. Take a look at some of the games available in online casinos: 

  • Baccarat: A classic table game where you place your bet against the hand that you expect to win. To win, your two cards should equal to 9 or inch closer to 9. If the total is 10 or more, you disregard the second number. You can bet that the dealer will draw the upper hand or the player will draw more points, purely a game of strategy and chance.
  • Blackjack:  It is a classic table game where you aim to score high points by adding the face value of your cards (as close to 21 as possible) against a dealer.
  • Slots:  Just like in the land-based casinos where you place your bet and spin the drums from a lever, you actually get to replay the same, the only difference is that here you use a virtual lever. When the drums rest, they reveal your fate that could be in form of prizes, cash or other rewards.
  • Roulette: It is among the games that you cannot miss in any decent casino. It is based on chance. There are numbered slots that are either red or black. You get to choose a number and wait as the dealer tosses a silver ball and spins the wheel. When the wheel stops, the number where the ball rests is the winning number. If that was the number you chose, Hurrah, you automatically become the winner.
  • Craps: This is a social game where your friends predict whether your dice will hit a 7 or 11.  If your dice rests on a 2, 3 or 12 you lose.
  • Progressive Jackpot games: Gives you the chance to bet for huge jackpot sizes ranging from thousands of dollars to millions. Currently standing at £/€/$ 8 Million.

 Others include video poker, Caribbean Stud Poker and live dealer games.

Casino games tips

Whether you are in gambling for fun or for the money, it is wise to play responsibly. Some tips and tricks are necessary in order to enjoy this exciting pastime. Read on to get the secret of the do’s and don’ts while playing online casino games. 

  • Plan before you start playing. Take advantage of game demos and free online games to sharpen you in readiness for the real money casino gaming. Also, plan your budget well to avoid impulsive gaming and overindulgence.
  • After winning, save the win and live to play again. Do not overindulge and clear it up in one swoop.
  •  Check the casino’s support since it will come in handy when you need it for sorting issues. A 24/7 support is preferable in case of emergencies.
  • Do not rush while playing. Take time to strategize and plan your moves. After all, it is your hard-earned cash at stake here and the difference between a loss and a win may just arise if you spared more time to place your bet.
  • Chances of losing to the casino after long sessions are high. It is wise to quit before you lose all your winnings by the lure of further rewards.
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