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On a TikiPop adventure you are driven by the sounds of an original tribal soundtrack where you will find Unlock Bonuses on the both the Base Game and the Bonus Game. If you manage to unlock the bonus game by reaching reels to (7) high, then you get additional free spins to continue the journey to even higher winnings. Keep an eye out for the Golden Scatters which will Pop you into Freespins! With AvatarUx’s ever popular PopWins mechanic still popping on a symbol win and the reels expanding on each win, time will fly on your epic jungle quest!



Each winning symbol Pops and is replaced by 2 symbols increasing the reel height. This is
repeated as long as there are more wins. The reels can be expanded to 5 symbols tall in
base game and up to 7 symbols tall in Free Spins.


3 or more Scatter symbols trigger the Free Spins.
Free Spins reels can increase up to 7 symbols tall.
The beginning reel configuration in Free Spins is random.
The progress of unlocking the reels in Free Spins does not fully reset between each spin. It is only reset down to the shortest reel height.

There are three Free Spins modes:
– Free Spins Level 1 – 7 spins (triggered by 3 Scatters)
– Free Spins Level 2 – 11 spins (triggered by 4 Scatters)
– Free Spins Level 3 – 15 spins (triggered by 5 Scatters)


Free Spins start with a x1 multiplier for every win.
Each winning pop-round in Free Spins increases the Multiplier by 1 after the wins are paid.
After unlocking all reels in Free Spins, the Multiplier increases by 2 instead of 1.


Fully unlocking the reels in Free Spins rewards the player with additional Free Spins:
+2 Free Spins
+3 Free Spins
+4 Free Spins


Before playing Free Spins, you have the option to gamble your Free Spins using the
Gamble Wheel. Winning the gamble gives you more spins, losing the gamble takes you
back to the base game without playing the Free Spins.
Gamble your Level 1 Free Spins for chance 50/50 to get Level 2 Free Spins
Gamble your Level 2 Free Spins for chance 50/50 to get Level 3 Free Spins
(note that the Gamble Wheel is not available in all jurisdictions)

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