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We’ve built upon our original Blackjack success and brought a fresh face to the dealer crew. Lucky brings a fortunate Irish flare to the table. This dealer makes for an exciting addition to any repertoire of table games.


Standard Features

Like in any respectable Blackjack game, players have all the standard options such as Insurance, Even Money, Split, Double and Double after Split. Integration

This game is available for all but needs to be manually integrated from our end. Please contact your games expert to learn more about how you can add this game to your portfolio.


The dealer is modeled after a real dealer inheriting their gestures and interactions. She is a real professional at dealing and collecting cards, never missing a beat.


The defining feature of this Blackjack game is the interaction with other players. Up to 3 players will be able to sit at a single table with more having the option to stand at a table and Bet Behind (optional). Players can see how others bet and win!


The high quality 3D effects in this game make players feel as if they are in a casino. Every detail from the dealing of cards to placing chips on the table feels as natural as in real life.


This blackjack game is light-hearted and built around an Irish theme. Everything from the music, to the colors are built around the Irish theme.


Welcome to Yggdrasil’s Lucky Blackjack.


  • There are 6 decks of 52 card per deck which make up the ‘shoe’
  • The entire shoe is reshuffled at the end of each round
  • Number cards use the face value
  • The Jack, Queen and King are worth 10 points
  • The Ace is either 11 points or 1 point depending on which value is more beneficial


  • The objective of the game is to get 21 points or closest to it without going over (Busting)
  • A Blackjack Hand (Ace plus any 10 point card) wins over any other 21 point hand
  • A Push or tie (player and dealer have the same amount of points, including a Blackjack) returns the Bet to the player
  • The game is played against the dealer only


  • Upon entering the casino players will have the option of sitting at a table or placing a Bet Behind bet (if available)
  • If the main table has an open seat, the player may sit at it by clicking/tapping on the join icon
  • If the main table has no open seats then the player may click/tap the next free seat icon to be taken to an open seat
  • The open seat will be at a different table with that table’s shoe
  • If all tables are full then players must wait until there is a free seat
  • A Bet Behind bet may still be placed when all seats are taken (If available)


  • Bets are placed by clicking on the desired chip or by clicking on the main betting area
  • The chip range is: 1, 5, 25, 50, 100, 500 Euro or the closest equivelant in your chosen currency
  • The table limit only influences the main bet. Insurance, split, double and even money can increase the total bet above the table limit.
  • Players can double their Bet which increases the Bet by 2x
  • Players can rebet which choses the same Bet as their previous hand
  • Bets are only final once the player clicks/taps on the deal icon or the timer runs out
  • Chips on the table can be returned before the timer runs out by clicking/tapping on the clear or undo icon



  • Refuse any more dealt cards
  • The player’s current point count becomes final


  • Request another card to change the current point value
  • Players can Hit until their points Hit or exceed 21 points


  • After receiving an extra card the player’s total point value is above 21
  • At this point the player loses their bet regardless of the dealer’s hand


  • The player and dealer have the same amount of points, including a Blackjack
  • The player’s entire main Bet is returned to them


  • Double the initial Bet
  • The dealer gives only 1 additional card which is added to the original point value
  • That point value is final and the dealer continues with the game
  • This option appears when the player receives their first 2 cards irrelevant of their point value.


  • Only available if the player receives 2 cards with the same point value
  • The player must match their original Bet and separate their cards into two individual hands
  • The dealer will automatically give each hand a second card
  • Then, the player may Hit, Stand, or double on both hands
  • When splitting aces, each ace gets only one card
  • If the player gets a ten and ace after splitting, then it counts as 21 points, not a Blackjack
  • Only one split is permitted per hand


  • Player receives 21 points from the initial 2 cards
  • Dealer plays their hand and either there is a push if the dealer also has Blackjack or the player wins
  • Blackjack wins pay out 3 to 2


  • If the Player has Blackjack and the dealer has an Ace face card, the Player will be offered Even Money
  • Even money costs 1/2 the main bet
  • If accepted and the dealer does not get blackjack, then blackjack is paid out as usual and the even money bet is lost
  • If accepted and the dealer gets blackjack, the player receives 2:1 on his even money wager as well as his regular push pay out(1x main bet)


  • Only available if the dealer has an Ace up card
  • Players can place an Insurance Bet no more than ½ their original wager
  • If the dealer gets Blackjack, the player gets paid out 2 to 1 of the Insurance Bet
  • If the dealer does not Hit a Blackjack the Insurance Bet is lost


  • The dealer must Hit until they have at least 17 points
  • The dealer must Stand on 17 or more points
  • The dealer Stands on soft 17 (A Soft hand is a hand with an ace that can be counted as either 1 or 11 without busting)
  • The dealer cannot double or split
  • The dealer always places their first card face up and keeps the second hidden until all player hands are completed unless the dealer’s face card has a value of 10 or is an Ace. In this case the dealer will check for Blackjack at the start of the round (after offering Even Money or Insurance if applicable)



  • Turn sound on and off
  • Check game rules and instructions
  • Access Settings


  • Displays the players current account balance in the player’s chosen currency
  • The balance is automatically updated when a chip is placed on the table
  • The Balance is displayed next to the Wallet icon


  • Displays the current Bet amount in the player’s chosen currency
  • The Bet is automatically updated when a chip is placed on the table
  • The Bet is displayed next to the Coins icon


  • The win amount is displayed in the players chosen currency directly after a win is confirmed
  • The main game wins are only paid out after all hands have been played
  • The Win is displayed next to the Trophy icon



  • After placing the initial bet players can predecide to split, hit, stand and double by clicking on the icons while waiting for other player. Clicking/tapping on the icon a second time deselects the predecision


  • While sitting at a table all bets/actions have a 15 second time limit
  • The first Player to a table has 15 seconds to place their first Bet before timing out. The second and third player’s initial timer is synced with the first player’s timer. (this means they may have as little as 1 second for their first bet)
  • Timing out for the first and second time excludes the player from the game round
  • Timing out 3 times in a row during the initial Bet period automatically unseats the player (if no bets are placed)
  • Timing out during the secondary Bet period forces the player to auto-stand (the hand is played out as if the player chose to Stand on their current point value)
  • If a player Times out on Even Money or Insurance, ‘no’ is auto-selected

These rules were last updated: 21.11.2018


  • Displays the players current account balance in the player’s chosen currency
  • The balance is automatically updated when a chip is placed on the table


  • Displays the current Bet amount in the player’s chosen currency
  • The Bet is automatically updated when a chip is placed on the table


  • The win amount is displayed in the players chosen currency directly after a win is confirmed
  • The main game wins are only paid out after all hands have been played


  • Open and close the menu
  • Inside players can turn the sound on and off
  • Open the gamerules
  • Open the game in full screen


Sit at a table/ Place the Main Bet/ Lucky Ladies™ Bet and Lucky Lucky™ Bet


Players can place a chip on the table by choosing the chip value and then clicking/tapping on the bet area.


Leaving your seat allows you to stand at a table and observe.


Clears all chips placed on the betting area. This is only available before the initial bet.


Returns the last Chip placed on the table.


Makes the bet final and requests the dealer to deal the cards.


During the initial bet period
Doubles the previous bet.

Once the player has seen his first 2 cards
Doubles the initial bet and the dealer give 1 extra and final card. 


Places the same bet as the last round.


Only available if the player has 2 cards with the same point value.
The player must match their original Bet and separate their cards into two individual hands.


Refuse anymore cards to be dealt to the player. Their point value is finalized.


Requests the dealer to deal 1 more card.


  • The RTP for the main game is 99.54%.
  • The Insurance RTP is 92.60%.

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