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Free Spins with varying multiplier levels and also a Gamble Mode to contribute to the high win potential. CherryPop is also the first AUX game to feature a Buy Bonus mechanics where the player can skip directly to Free Spins. The CherryPop™ base game pays 243 ways to win BOTH WAYS. The base game reels start at 5×3 and expand to 5×6 at which point Free Spins Gamble mode is activated. Free Spins reels start at 5×6 and expand to 5×9. Free Spins Gamble mode can also be reached by the using Buy-Bonus.



Each winning symbol Pops and is replaced by 2 symbols increasing the reel height. This is repeated as long as there are more wins. The reels can be expanded to 6 symbols tall in base game and up to 9 symbols tall in Free Spins.


Fully unlocking the base game (all reels to 6-high) trigger the Free Spin Mode
In Free Spins, the reels can grow up to 9 symbols high.
The progress of unlocking the reels in Free Spins does not fully reset between each spin. It is only reset down to the shortest reel.

There are three Free Spins modes:

– Free Spins Level 1 – 5 spins
– Free Spins Level 2 – 8 spins
– Free Spins Level 3 – 12 spins


Before playing Free Spins, you have the option to gamble your Free Spins using Gamble Wheel. Winning the gamble gives you more spins, losing the gamble takes you back to the base game without playing the Free Spins.
The starting number of free spins is 5. Win first gamble to increase it to 8. Win next gamble to increase it to 12.
The gamble wheel can land on the special golden field that gives an additional +4 free spins.


Free Spins start with an x2 multiplier. Each winning pop-round in FreeSpins increases the multiplier by 1 after the wins are paid.

Fully unlocking the game in Free Spins gives an immediate +3 multiplier and an extra +3 multiplier for every winning pop-round.


This section is only displayed for licenses that permit Buy Bonus. There should not be any mention of Buy Bonus in other sections of the paytable.

Buy the Free Spin Mode for 75 bets by pressing the “Buy Bonus” button.



Cherry Pop is a win-all-ways game with up to 59,049 both ways win. It features the exciting PopWins mechanic.


Winning symbols ’Pop’ and 2 new symbols appear in their place.
PopWins ends when there are no more wins in the panel.
PopWins are played with the same bet as the base game.


Press the spin button to play the game.
Press the autoplay button and select your autoplay options to make the game play by itself until you choose to stop it.
Select your bet size on the Bet Level-interface
Press the hamburger icon to open the game settings where you can activate “Stop autoplay on feature hit”.
The game panel will display your current bet size, current win and current balance.


To calculate your total WIN ALL WAYS win, add all your symbol wins together
To calculate a single symbol win, count the number of subsequent reels that contain the symbol, starting from the left or the right.
If the number of subsequent reels containing the symbol is three or greater counting from the left, find the corresponding win amount in the pay table.
Otherwise, if the symbol was not present on three subsequent reels counting from the left, count from the right.
If the number of subsequent reels containing the symbol is three or greater counting from the right, find the corresponding win amount in the pay table.
If any of the reels contain more than 1 instance of the winning symbols, the win will be multiplied. Multiply the number of symbols on each of the reels to get the final
multiplier. For example, if the first reel contains 2 symbols, the second reel 3 symbols and the third reel 2 symbols, the pay table value is multiplied in the following manner: 2*3*2=12(total multiplier).
5 of a kind wins only pay from one side.
During gameplay, different way wins are added together.


Space Bar – Press the space bar to spin


A) Coin Value – Changes the bet size by changing the coin value. To transform any bet or win in coins to the home currency, multiply the coin amount (10) by the coin value.
B) Spin Button – Starts the game. When the reels are spinning, the spin button transforms into the Stop Button. Pressing the Stop Button stops the reels immediately.
C) Autoplay – You can make the game play without pressing the spin button every time. Choose the number of rounds to auto play by pressing the autoplay button. You can choose additional conditions for when to stop autoplay in the Game Settings. The loss limit in some game client versions prevents you from losing above set limit during autoplay session. To stop autoplay manually, press the autoplay button.
D) Options Menu – Display all game options.
E) Win – Displays the win for the current or last win payout step. Clicking on the field toggles between coin and cash view.
F) Balance – Displays the player’s account balance. Clicking on the field toggles between coin and cash view.
G) Buy Bonus.

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