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If you are looking for excitement and entertainment from your online casino games, then craps might be it. Yes, it is a fairly complicated table game, but not as hard to play as you were originally thinking. All online casinos will offer a craps variant, available to play instantly online or by downloading casino client. Still, finding the right casino for you is the most important decision you will be making.

Selecting one amongst the thousands casinos online is a fairly personal matter, but help is available on our site. We have established a team of experts with a sole goal to review all casinos that offer online craps for you. To explore the bonuses, casino features, and craps game variants before committing to one is a must, so don’t miss out and start the research from our top-casinos-list above.

Craps Rules – Betting at the table

Due to the range of available bets in online craps, the table looks fairly complicated. All betting options are visible on the craps table, both in land-based and online casinos – while the gameplay is identical in both types. Often, you might hear punters being called ‘shooters’ when playing craps, whose sole responsibility is to bet on the outcome of the dice that will be rolled. In specific, the game is played accordingly:

  1. First, you must decide on which bet type you will go for. Then, you must move your chips on the relevant area, always betting at least he minimum accepted amount. Pass line bets and Don’t pass are the main bets, with all the interested parties betting simultaneously.
  2. When the betting time is over, players will in turn roll the two dice. The first shoot is called come out roll.
  3. Each player will continue playing until they lose:
  1. To win a pass line type of bet, the come out roll must be either 7 or 11.
    b. Outcomes 2, 3 and 12 (craps) result in a win for the don’t pass bets.
  1. The numbers 4 – 10, excluding 7, turn into point numbers when landed on the come out roll.
  2. Each player will be keeping rolling until 7 or the point number is hit again.
  3. Hitting the point number results in a win for those that placed the pass line bets. A 7 results in a win for the don’t pass bets.
  4. Every time one shooter lands a losing roll, another player takes a turn until all players have lost. Then, a new round starts in the craps table.

The bets in craps do not stop when the round begins, since players can continue betting after every player has conducted the come out roll. Every variant of craps carries its own rule book, so it is important to read through it before you start rolling the dice towards victory.

Craps Factsheet

  • Craps is the most popular table game that is played using two dice.
  • The rules of this table game are truly original.
  • Many different strategies can play into craps gameplay.
  • All the listed casinos on this page will offer a spectacular craps online experience to registered players.

Winning at Craps with the Right Strategy

As with all casino games, craps is also based on luck. Similarly, the game is built in a way that the casino will always have a winning edge over the players. Craps should be played with the only goal being fun and excitement. Despite the above facts, this casino game is amongst the options that carry better odds for the players, unless if you choose to conduct some bets that offer very low winning probabilities. Still, making the right bets can often result in making a profit in the craps setting.

Strategies for casino gaming are essential, but they will not really completely remove the house edge. Employing a strategy can indeed lower the house edge to your advantage, as some bets carry much better odds compared to others. Still, going with a bet that carries higher winning odds will also mean that the winnings will be smaller. According to the type of player that you are, you must decide on your own how to proceed when playing craps; however, sticking to our suggestions, you will be playing a longer craps session, with a good chance to make some profits.

High & Low Odds in Craps bets

If you are playing online craps, the ultimate winning strategy that you can employ is betting right. Making the wrong bets will leave you dry, fast. To assist you, we have separated the betting options into two categories, while expanding on each for your convenience.

Best Craps Bets Worst Craps Bets
Pass Bet Field Bet
Don’t Pass Bet Big 6/Big 8
Come Bet Horn/Horn High
Don’t Come Bet Aces/2 or Boxcars/12
Taking/Placing Odds Bets Any 7

Bets to Avoid in Craps

Field Bet

The section where the field bets can be wagered are located in the center of the craps table. These bets involve a single rolling of the dice, with the winning numbers being 2 – 12 (excluding 7). Payouts for all numbers is 1:1, except 2 and 12 that pay more. Loosing outcomes are the numbers 5 – 8.

Big 6/Big 8

Place bets and the Big Bets pay 1:1 both, but the latter carry lower odds so they should be avoided.

Horn/Horn High

This betting option incorporates 4 distinct bets in one, with one unit being sorted on every number. The Horn High differs from the classic Horn bet, by offering an extra unit. So, if for instance you are betting $10, a single unit will be placed on 4 numbers and an extra unit will be added on top of each. Payouts vary on each unit, while any other number than the four selected results in a loss.

Aces/2 or Boxcars/12

These two bets payout a stunning 30:1. To win for the Aces bet you will need a 2, and to win for the Boxcars bet you must land a 12. All other numbers will result in a loss.

Any 7

This bet is self-explanatory, paying out 5:1.

Best Craps Bets

The above might seem daunting to remember, while their payouts are fairly impressive. Nonetheless, the best craps bets are straightforward, besides safe to roll. The attached table highlights where you can locate these high winning probability bets. The worst bets that we covered above, also require some understanding of how the game etiquette operates.

Pass Bet

This bet is the best option you have, as it only carries a 1.41% edge for the casino. Outside craps, it remains one of the best betting options in terms of winning odds. You must place the pass bet prior to the first shoot, in the respective area of the craps table. With an out come of 7 and 11, you will, while 2, 3 and 12 lose. 4 – 10 outcomes, excluding 7, lead to a point number and the round keeps rolling. Pass bet still wins if the point number comes prior to a 7, at this stage.

Don’t Pass

As one would expect, Don’t Pass is the reverse of the Pass option. Here, the bettor wagers that the player rolling the dice will end up losing. When playing with live dealer, this bet is also known as the one betting against the players, rather than the house. To conduct such a bet, you must move your chips in the area 2 of the attached image. To win a Don’t Pass bet, the player must hit a 2 or a 3, with 12 being a neutral number. Landing a 7 or an 11 is a loss for the don’t pass bettor. If the point number has been made, then the player wins if a 7 is rolled prior to the point number.

Come Bet

This betting option is identical to the pass bet that we discussed above. The main difference is that it is only conducted after the come out roll has been performed. There is a respective table section for the come bets. After they are placed, you are playing your solo come out roll, with the possibility of a win or lose depending on the outcome, while the point number can also be established at this stage. 7 and 11 outcomes for your individual come-out roll will result in a win for you, with 2, 3 and 12 ending up in a loss for you. All other combinations establish the point number, which are irrelevant to the original pass line bets placed in the table. A 7 will lead to a losing round, while the point number set during the come bet will land you a win. According to the decided point number, the payout varies.

Don’t Come Bet

As one can imagine, the same logic that applies to the pass and come bets is also applicable to the come and don’t come bets. These are conducted when the game has already started, which means that the original point number will have been decided. Placing the do not come bet will result in a clean win, a fair loss or your personal point number will be decided. 7 and 11 outcomes will land you a loss, while 2 and 3 are a personal win. 12 is a neutral number, with neither a losing nor a winning outcome. To win, similarly to the Don’t Pass bets, a 7 has to appear in the craps table prior to the point number.

Bets Combinations

The above betting options carry some of the best winning probabilities across any casino game. Still, there is an extra option for available, one that is not visible on the craps table.

Odds Bet

To place an odds bet, which is a side craps bet, you must wait for the point number to be decided. This bet can be placed on top to any other original bets you have wagered. If you have set a Come or Pass bet, you can then ‘Take Odds’. In contrast, if you did place a Don’t Come or Don’t Pass bet, you, then, ‘Lay Odds’. These options are not visible on the craps table:

To wager such a bet, you must add your chips next to the first bet you placed. Depending on your chosen bet, you are now increasing the bet, and therefore the payouts of the potential outcome; in essence, you are standing by your original guess and bet further on it. The best thing about such bets is that you can cancel it at any time, wager more or less funds on it at will.

The pay outs are as follow for such bets:

  • 2:1 for 4 or 10;
  • 3:2 for 5 or 9;
  • 6:5 for 6 or 8.

You can rarely wager over 2x or 3x your betting amount when conducting an odds bet. For instance, if your original come bet is $20, then a further $40 could be placed as a x2 Odds bet. When maneuvering in such a way in the craps table, the casino edge drops to a 0.60%. If you keep your eyes open for ongoing offers by craps casinos, you could find games that offer even higher percentages of odds bets, removing the casino edge in the particular game completely. Below, we list some of these:

Best Casino Advantage

Employing our strategy for online craps can help you lower the casino edge to as low as 0. To do so, start by a pass bet (or don’t pass). Continue by adding the highest possible odds betting amount, and you are set. Obviously, not all punters wager on craps in the same way. There are those that want to play it safe, by conducting small bets based on strategy; while some VIP players might prefer to go after the most lucrative bets, which pay considerably more but offer much lower winning chances. If you feel that this is not your type of game strategy, you can also check out our alternative strategy article for craps online.

Strategies to Play Craps

As with any casino game, when rolling on the online craps table – there are tens of different strategic actions that you can employ to your advantage. Still, being aware of what constitutes a solid bet in craps and what is risky/bad betting option is very important. You might also want to check out the 5-count approach to online craps. We have created an exclusive guide to strategies for craps, whereby different approaches can be applied according to the type of player that you are. Reading it will only make your online craps experience better and more worthwhile.

Bankroll Management

Craps is a fast-paced game, leaving little to no-space for actual thinking. This often results in placing bets that you do not really want to, getting influenced by the overall vibe. Thus, it is rather essential that you consider prior to betting how much money you are willing to spend. Being a seasoned player also comes by some perks, like building a bankroll over time. Claiming casino bonuses, practicing in demo free mode, and using no deposit offers are smart ways to increase your money. To get there without spending tons of money, you can use our strategic tips for money management in the craps table.

Advice to manage your money when playing craps

  1. Don’t purchase too many chips at once: To enjoy this game for a while, it is good to avoid buying all the chips that you can in one go. Set your expectations, and only then start exchanging money for chips timely. This is the best way to not waste away all your available money in the craps table instantly.
  2. Decide when you will stop: By setting an overall spending limit for your gaming session beforehand, you will know when the time to stop has arrived.
  3. Decide how many losses you are willing to take: Players often get frustrated when they keep losing, ending up betting more than they can afford. Thus, setting a total loss limit is a great way to control your gaming.
  4. Break your session into smaller sessions! The craps table is fascinating, noisy, and fun. Indifferently to whether you landed a good win or a loss, it is clever to stop once in a while for some time, to assess your current position in terms of bankroll.
  5. Set end goals: We touched upon on the fact that when losing for a while, it is pointless to continue playing so that you just make up your lost bankroll. Nonetheless, it is essential that we also discuss your actions when you are winning on the craps table. It is often observed that players who win, continually increase their bets to win even bigger amounts. As a result, it is very likely to end up exactly in the place you started or even worse. Setting a goal beforehand, like your desired winning amount from a given session is ideal to avoid such pitfalls.
  6. Stay away from proposition bets: By looking at the winning odds and edge of these types of bets, it should be clear that avoiding such wagers is the best strategy.
  7. Use the lay or take odds bets to your advantage: You will rarely find casino games that offer betting options with lower than 2% edge. Start off with place and come bets or don’t pass and don’t pass bets, to unlock the odds bets.
  8. Maintain a clear head: Due to the nature of craps, you will often end up with various open bets in a single round. Some bets can be removed during the session, while it is important that you are aware of all the areas that you have open – to know whether you have bet more or less that you planned to. Ensure that you never forget to remove a past bet, as you could end up losing more than you can afford.
  9. Always implement a strategy: There are various strategies that relate to your bankroll when playing casino games. The most prominent are the Martingale and the Paroli, but when playing craps, you can also employ the 5-count strategy. These inform your betting amount and time, so you should try them for real money or free to see if they apply to your gameplay.

Mag’s Free Craps Games

As you might have noticed by reading this page, craps is a game that involves various strategies, betting options, and potential outcomes. Practicing becoming a pro is a great way to win from online craps in the long run. This is also the only way to not feel pressured and overwhelmed when playing craps with a live dealer. Why not play demo craps right here, getting the ins and outs of the game completely, and also studying the game lingo as you are at it?

Where did craps originate from?

Hazard, a traditional British game with dice, is the original version of the craps casino game as we know it today. It can be traced back to the fourteenth century, as it has been located in the Tales of Chaucer’s Canterbury. It rose into prominence during the middle ages in Europe, while in the early 19th century it was caught up by US players, all tanks to an aristocrat from France. Back then, the game was called crapaud, which translates to toad in the French language, while it was mainly being practiced by communities of African American decent. Even during its first entrance in the physical casino realm, the game was still not yet called craps. In the 21st century, millions of punters from all over the globe play this dice game, as it is more accessible than ever before thanks to online gambling platforms.

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