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Feeling like today is the day to wager cash in blackjack online? Have you ever played blackjack with a live dealer or memorized a blackjack cheat sheet? At this stage, you must have at least had a roll with friends or family in a friendly and fun blackjack game or even wagered some real cash in online blackjack.

You might even feel ready and confident to set a balance and sit against the dealer in a live blackjack table. Still, you might want to take a deep breath first, and see if you are aware of everything that you should be when it comes to online blackjack.

If you are one of those players who want to play it safe, it might be a good idea to let us guide you into the pros and cons of blackjack online.

Blackjack is a game of luck, which means that there are some risks involved. First and foremost, you could end up losing some cash in a blackjack round or even during your whole roll. Likewise, when playing online blackjack, you could make a decent amount of cash, which is a reward that might feel that it is worth the risk.

One thing is certain. You cannot win every time you play, but in blackjack, the player can count the odds and therefore the risks that are apparent in the game. We have gathered the best online platforms to play blackjack in a list, alongside the 7 main risks to be aware of when playing.

Our guide will hopefully assist you to enjoy blackjack online as much as possible, whenever you play online blackjack or on the go. Despite the way that you choose to wager in blackjack, be it online, on mobile or tablet, let us guide you through the most important pointers linked to real cash blackjack.

Is Online Blackjack a Safe Game?


Playing blackjack online is one of the safe gambling activities, at least in most cases. As long as the blackjack game that you choose originates from a trusted software company, then the Random Number Generator that operates in the background is cross-checked for fair use by official industry bodies.

To be safe, you can select one of our reviewed casinos to play blackjack, as we consider payments, fair offers, and legitimate gaming software in relation to each. Only choose a platform that is safe and secure to play online blackjack at.

Reviewing Blackjack Casinos

If you decide to play your savings in physical blackjack casinos, then you must stay away from private and sketchy private blackjack halls. Likewise, when playing online blackjack, you must be able to differentiate between a safe facility from a ‘rogue’ one. The latter might be more difficult to spot on the web.

With games of blackjack online, it is always worth the time to research and study prior to gambling. Why? Because you trust your private details, such as address, name, and banking information with the casino.

Nonetheless, differentiating between a legitimate and safe online blackjack casino and a sketchy one is not a task to take lightly, as all online casinos can look equally professional. So, outlook and design should not be your driving factors, but reliability and security.

Below, we will be guiding you on the principles that you should stick to when looking for a safe place to play online blackjack casino games.

Playing Online Blackjack Safely: 7 Tips

Read through our guiding tips to safe blackjack online, essential for those want to play for real money.

  • Pick a Reliable Platform – Casinos that operate for a long-time can usually be trusted, and in particular those who offer top-software games. If a classic online casino were not fair and safe to play, it would not have withheld time. Still, there are some platforms that employ exquisite offers and promotions to attract new players, whom they never pay out. To avoid such blackjack casinos, you should cross-check with casino backlists for any references. This way, you will not be depositing funds to a sketchy operation. Official bodies like eCOGRA or TST are some extra trustworthy authorities that you could check out for.
  • Research the Casino Withdrawals – Ensure that you are aware of the withdrawal process involved in your chosen casino, before funding your casino account. Why you ask? Because you might be able to deposit using Visa Cards, for instance, but this method might be unavailable for pay outs. Most solid casinos have a detailed Frequently Asked Questions section, which offer specific details on the limits, accepted methods, and procedures required to fund and withdraw money from the casino. Almost every legit online casino will ask you to go through a KYC procedure, but get informed beforehand, so that you do not go through more steps that you need to.
  • Read Between the Lines – Probably, the worst aspects of US blackjack casinos are wagering requirements. These are often tied to bonus and promotions, and even you land a huge win in the blackjack table, you might have to playthrough your winnings 40x times to be available for cashing out. We advise all punters to read the Ts & Cs of any welcome bonus or freebets before opting in, to spot any such terms.
  • Ensure that your Gaming Equipment is Updated – As with all technological tools, they often break down, especially if you have been using for a long time. Likewise, your smartphone, laptop or desktop computer could stop operating in the worst possible time, when, for instance, you landed a life-changing win. To avoid such disruptions and disappointment, ensure that your Internet Connection is stable, that your storage space is adequate, and that your machine is operating smoothly. If any of the above are not up to the optimal standard, don’t play blackjack for real money online.
  • Protect yourself from Thieves – People often steal other individuals’ identities on the web in today’s digital world. To protect yourself from such practices, you must ensure that your personal information and credentials are secured. Limit access to one device only, be it mobile or desktop. Enable firewalls and virus protection when gambling online, and, also, ensure that the casino that you are playing at has their own privacy protocols. You must consider every aspect of security and privacy when gambling online, as you would when trusting a site with your credit or debit card information.
  • Tax Evasion – To many players’ surprise, most countries tend to require all players to include any gambling wins to their tax accounts yearly. Thus, if any audit takes place, all wins/losses should be reported. In most cases, your accountant will inform you about this, indifferently of whether you won or lost when gambling online; reporting your gambling activities is essential, as you could face various problems later on if you don’t.
  • Stop When the Fun Stops – Outside money-related dangers, gambling online can result in serious psychological issues and addiction. This does not threaten ones’ financial condition, but general livelihood as well. GamCare and Gambler’s Anonymous are a couple official bodies that are at hand for those who need help. If you feel unable to stop playing, when you keep wagering more funds than you used to, and constant thoughts to gamble online are all symptoms that indicate gambling addiction issues. Many people facing gambling issues are attempting to win back all of their lost money or wager in casino games funds aimed to help them pay daily or weekly living expenses. Ensure that you stay on top of your gambling, stopping wagering money when it is not done for the fun of it.

Best Blackjack Games to Play Online

When it comes to online blackjack games, the available range of options is vast. Obviously, not each one of those carry the same casino edge or winning chances. Below, you can find the most prominent ones that you can locate at online casinos today:

Top-Rated Online Blackjack Titles

  • Single Deck Blackjack
  • American Blackjack
  • European Blackjack
  • Multi-Hand Blackjack
  • 21 Burn Blackjack
  • Suit Em Up Blackjack
  • Pirate 21 Blackjack
  • Blackjack Switch
Classic Blackjack Online Games:
  • Power Blackjack
  • 3-Cards Blackjack

Licensed Online Blackjack Casinos

Even if you are not from the US, some of the casinos that you can find here are available globally.

Blackjack Casinos in Canada
  • El Royale Casino
  • Betway Casino
  • Jackpot City Casino
Blackjack Casinos in Australia
  • Red Dog Casino
  • Joe Fortune
  • Fair Go Casino
Blackjack Casinos in the UK
  • Betway Casino
  • 888Casino

How to Win at Blackjack

Strategy is a main aspect involved when playing black online; below, we outline some basic steps that you can increase your likelihood to win real money.

  1. Select the Best Blackjack Variants – You can find more than 20 blackjack games at one casino, with some of them offering superior winning chances. It is best to find a game with easy-to-follow rules and winning multipliers that are worth the chances you take. The term used to highlight the blackjack payouts is also known as house edge; this is the first and foremost step when picking a blackjack game.
  2. Base your Actions into Strategy – Blackjack is not one of those game that you can get rich in a single round. There is a degree of patience required, as skillful thinking, to win on blackjack. No strategy will help you win 100% on every round, but some basic strategic tips can help you land some long-term wins.
  3. Don’t Fall Victim to Rookie Errors – Blackjack provides various betting opportunities, but not all of them come with equal winning chances. Side Bets and Insurance Bets are the ones that come with lowest winning chances, despite their high payouts.
  4. Know When to Cash Out – The hardest thing when gambling online is stopping, mostly due to this activity being so fun. To be able to do that when it is the right time, you must set Win-Loss limits beforehand, so that you can leave when you are still making profit.
  5. Remember that the Goal is to Have Fun – When playing blackjack for real money, the easier thing to fall victim to is forget your number one goal – having fun. If you don’t feel entertained, then it is best to select other casino games to play instead. Blackjack is a risky and challenging game, so play it only if you are looking for something of that sort.

What about Live Blackjack?

Live blackjack is the best option for those looking to play the safest variant in the USA or abroad. These games are transmitted through video stream, thanks to HD cameras, offering a life experience of blackjack. In this game, a barcode is attached to every card, all for transparency purposes.

If you are after the most realistic blackjack experience, similar to the one offered at Vegas casinos, live blackjack is the best choice for you. Chatting with other players and dealing cards in real time are just a few of the features of this game.

Lastly, card counting strategies can also be employed in live dealer blackjack. Although it is important to remember that shuffling online takes place more often compared to physical casinos, so that such practices are countered.

Is Blackjack Playable on Mobile?

Today, players can access most blackjack variants on mobile, using their smartphones and tablet devices. Your gaming is not limited to a home activity-only with this feature.

Software developers create this game, and frequently update them, so that they are adjusted for mobile screens and touch gaming.

Do I need to download blackjack apps to play real money?

It is not easy to find real money blackjack applications, since Android and iOS software systems have regulations against gambling.

Still, mobile gaming allows for instant play through your mobile browser; just join your casino through your chosen device and mobile browser, exactly like you would do from your desktop.

Enjoy Blackjack with Cash Safely

We created this page, aiming to boost your confidence when it comes to selecting a safe casino to play real money blackjack.

At this point, you should be well-equipped to register on one of our recommended blackjack casino sites.

Always follow our tips to remain safe online, use our strategic guidelines, and locate cheat sheets with the payouts and rules involved in the game.

Follow all our advice and you could even be crowned the King.

Blackjack Casino Bonuses

Many players have fallen into the trap of opting in for a stunning promotion, only to get themselves into a plethora of requirements.

As a result, players might need to bet their bankroll various times so that they can withdraw funds; some bonuses attach wagering requirements to the bonus amount only, while others include the deposited amount in the wagering requirements too. Some casinos set the playthrough requirements sky-high, which ensures that they won’t have to pay any of their players.

If you are only familiar with physical casinos, you might have never seen promotions of that short; therefore, you fall into the trap, opting in for the magnificent rewards to boost your balance. Remember though, that most of these promotions are not even cashable on blackjack.

Many online platforms remove blackjack games from the bonus qualifying games, due to its high winning odds for the players. In certain instances, casinos might also allow players to withdraw winnings from bonuses through a single-method only, within a given time-period.

So, read through the bonus Ts & Cs before opting in for any casino bonus.

Fairness & Safety Casino Checks

Safe online casinos are often accredited platforms through 3rd-part agencies; the most respected authorities in the iGaming industry are the eCommerce and Online Gaming Regulation and Assurance (eCOGRA) and the Technical Systems Testing (TST).

Such organisations test their linked casinos at random times, to ensure that all safety and fairness is maintained. To check these areas, these organisations have established tests based on odds and probabilities, so that they can check if the casinos have shifted the odds by manipulating their RNGs.

Both organizations display the online casinos that they have certified and keep monitoring at random times; these are visible in the below links:

Also, although the above agencies or government-affiliated sites do not keep black lists for all the unlawful casinos, a such google search will lead you to casino platforms that are reviewing online casinos to inform readers.

The only concern with these are biases towards certain platforms or simple human errors, but if a casino appears consistently on different blacklists, then you should probably avoid it. Further, you could go through forums and read the comments of other players in relation to the casino you are researching, to see if there is a general consensus.

Casino Withdrawals & Deposits Online

Gambling at physical casinos is a pretty straightforward business. After you take a seat, you throw the cash in the table, and you start rolling. Dealers usually exchange cash into chips so that you can play freely on any table.

When playing blackjack on the web, however, to energize your account, you must transfer funds there. Most casinos accept credit/debit cards for such transactions, alongside other popular gateways.



Before you go through with adding your money into a casino, it is very important that you are aware of how you can pull out those funds back to your personal wallet. As with bonuses, reading between the lines is also essential here.


It is common amongst casinos to not allow payouts into credit cards; instead, they will allow you to withdraw funds into your banking account. With physical casinos, punters can exchange their chips to cash and simply walk away. With online blackjack, however, withdrawals usually take a few days, so that you view your money in your personal account.

A benefit of online casinos is the ability to play with credit money, unlike physical casinos; with some online platforms even allowing credit card withdrawals.

Still, to be able to do so, you will be required to provide the casino with your credit card image, so that they confirm your identity. When sourcing the online casino with such delicate information, it is very important that you (and the casino) are using a secure link for that transaction (https link).

Such URLs ensure that all transmitted information is encrypted, stopping hackers and third-party sites from accessing your banking details. It is also advisable to avoid such actions when logged in a public WiFi or service.

Be Aware of Online Regulations

As we briefly touched upon, it is important to also respect the rules set by your country, like reporting your financial activities in the blackjack table.

Although this might appear cumbersome, keeping records of your gambling activities will save you a lot of trouble in the long run.

Most countries require of their citizens to include in their tax report all their gambling income and spending. The IRS is not joke, so you better not try your luck with them.

Blackjack Rules & Regulations by Country

United Kingdom: In the UK, the UKGC is the official body that illustrates that a blackjack casino is legal.

Australia: Gambling in Australia online is illegal since 2001, with major sites like 888 stopping all their activities there. However, since 2017 further legislation came into effect, introducing huge fines for all online casinos accepting players from Australia.

Canada: This is amongst the countries with grey laws surrounding online gambling, and therefore real money blackjack, but most iGaming companies that operate there are likely to be from the Kahnawake reserve.

India: Despite the unclear stance of the government of India when it comes to online gambling, besides within the state of Sikkim, blackjack online is considered illegal everywhere else.

Malaysia: Here, the laws related to gambling are very particular, with it being illegal for all Muslim citizens (pretty much all natural-born citizens), but legal for everyone else.

Indonesia: Like the aforementioned country, with Indonesia being mainly a Muslim country, all gambling activities are considered illegal. Still, some companies can acquire legal licenses to run lotteries for real money, with some 3rd parties employing them to offer online blackjack. As these are not approved by the Government, they might get banned any second, without any heads up to the players.

New Zealand: Similarly to Australia, physical casinos and blackjack games are legal, unlike their digital counterparts. There are specific laws in place against online gambling, with land-based casinos being the only alternative to all citizens and tourists in the country.

South Africa: Blackjack is illegal in South Africa, as most online gambling activities. Companies and organisations based in SA can apply for an official license to legally offer casino games, but blackjack is not part of that list.

Play Blackjack Online Today

Few activities are so entertaining as online blackjack for real cash, as punters can make solid profit if they play their cards right. A sad truth is that most gamblers end up losing due to their inability to control themselves and follow the tested tips and gameplays.

Although it might be fun to just wager your way towards high payouts, the casino is likely to pocket your cash. Especially those players that consider winning streaks and lucky rolls a thing are the ones that lose the most.

Learn from past mistakes, set up a strategic plan before you approach the blackjack table, follow it faithfully, and you are very likely to come up victorious in the end.

Did you know this about Online Blackjack? (FAQs)

Which are the best USA casinos to play blackjack?

There are various licenses and certifying bodies in the USA, all of which highlight the legitimacy of a casino. To be able to distinguish one from the other, we would advise you to search for platforms that carry a seal of approval for the bodies that we mentioned above.

What are the odds in online blackjack?

Online casinos tend to offer superior odds to brick and mortar blackjack casinos. Same is true for mobile casinos, since they tend to offer identical features with their desktop counterparts.

Blackjack odds in physical casinos are 6 to 5 in most instances, due to very strict rules when it comes to split and double actions, with the dealer even hitting another card on a 17. In contrast, online platforms offer blackjack games with an edge ranging from 0.50 – 0.20%.

Can you win real cash in online blackjack?

Although blackjack is one of the hardest online casino games, it does indeed payout real money. Blackjack is a game of skill, with the rules, types of bets, and casino edge all affecting your long-term winnings. Considering the math and employing tested strategies are the best way forward to win in blackjack.

What wins can I expect in blackjack?

As we touched upon before, 3 to 2 payouts are commonly found in online blackjack, with a few exceptions. Thus, winning online is much more likely than in physical casinos.

Which is the best blackjack game online?

To find the best blackjack game, you must look into different variants and their house edge. The lower the edge, the better your chances to win at the blackjack game. Single Deck Blackjack is considered amongst the best, with 0.15% odds.

How to find the best casino to play blackjack?

Ultimately, the safer the site, the best it is for you to play blackjack online there. Other factors to consider are bonus offers, and trusted payment gateways. Las Atlantis is the casino that ticks all those boxes from our recommended list.

Which is the ideal blackjack bet?

There is no straightforward answer to this question, as the financial situation of each player greatly differs. We suggest that you pick games that offer bet levels that suit you, which shouldn’t be a hard thing to do.