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Casino games for real money are often too appealing, featured through stunning banners, highlighting the winning potential of casino table games, live casino titles, video slots, and through the most lucrative jackpot games with progressive prizes. This does not mean, however, that you are prepared to wager real money. Before you stake your own bucks, it would be wise practicing and training as much as possible. Towards that end, the demo version of casino games should be your go-to until you are set and ready to put your own cash into the mix.

Thankfully, most gambling platforms allow players to try demo games with free credit. On this page, you can quickly locate top-rated casinos online that offer this feature, without even requiring registration or download from users. Why not learn the game perfectly, before you start wagering real money?

Why Play Free Casino Games?

It is reasonable to wonder about the rationale underpinning casinos that provide punters with the option to play demo games free, since they are giving away their own resources. The truth is though, that slot machine games, which are automated and operate through RNG, waste almost 0 resources and rarely need support. Also, casino operators know how valuable demo slots are to all the new punters out there.

Since demo casino games carry no harm for anyone involved, there are just the following perks to be enjoyed through them:

  • Free fun for everyone.
  • No need to share banking details or personal information.
  • With no deposit bonuses, players can win real cash from free games.

Benefits of Free Play Casino Games

Despite that demo games are often regarded as a waste of time, the following are some the pros they carry for the players:

  • Trying out a game before wagering for real. Players have unlimited time and resources when it comes to demo play, and thus, practicing could only help to reach perfection.
  • Unconditional fun time. With zero pre-requisites, online slots and popular table games can be enjoyed to your hearts content. Even for seasoned punters who only wager real cash, playing for free can help release some of the pressure involved in gambling.
  • Winning real cash. If you were not aware of this, some gambling platforms do indeed provide new players with free bonuses no deposit. As long as you sign up and claim such offers, you could be winning real cash without investing any money yourself.

Should I play for real money or free casino games?

There is an unlimited amount of games to be played with real cash, as there are demo and free casino games. Selecting one of the two options might be hard for some, so here are some pointers to consider:

  • Acquire practical experience. Even if you are an experienced gambler, with so many casino games with their select rules and tricks, you could always benefit from some practice runs.
  • Limited Bankroll. Those players that have a limited bankroll to spend on casino games should do their best with what they have. Free play games can inform your gameplay without wasting away 50% of your available money.
  • Personal Information. Many people want to avoid registering at casinos so that they do not share their financial and personal information. This is often done for different personal reasons. Playing free games comes without any requirement, no sign up or download is required – which is why it is such a great alternative to real money gambling.

Do I need to download casino client to play free games?

Nowadays, players are met with different options when it comes to trying out online casino games. There is the download casino games category, where punters need to download and install a gaming client to their computer in order to play. Other casinos have implemented the no download, instant flash games online. Players can instantly wager real money or free credits on such games but depending on your favourite casino games – this might not be an option.

Below, you can see the most common justifications for downloading a casino client:

  • To not miss out any of the available gaming options.
  • The casino title that you want to play is not available to play instantly online.
  • You have WiFi or Internet issues.

Still, with the casino technology improving constantly, today it is unlikely that you would need to download a casino client to play new online slots releases or casino games.

Best Free Casino Games to Try

Indifferently of whether you are into classic or modern slot machines or table games, such as poker dice, blackjack games or online roulette, demo play is a great way to familiarize yourself with the chosen title before wagering real cash. The only casino niche that is unavailable to play free is the live casino category.

  • Free Slots
  • Roulette
  • Blackjack
  • Scratch Cards
  • Craps
  • Baccarat
  • Video Poker

Free Online Slot Games

Thanks to their simple gameplay and winning potential, online slots are the ones that players choose to play the most amongst any other casino game category. Indifferently to whether you enjoy to play classic 3-reelers, MEGAWAYS, 5×10 game grid slots, or traditional slots with 1 payline – all are available for free online, including jackpot slots. We recommend to all readers to check out their favourite online slots for free first, exploring the available themes, extra bonuses, and sequels – to set your expectations straight in advance.

Besides outlook, brand name or format, there are two central factors to take into consideration when selecting a slot machine.

  • RTP (return to player). All online slots present their RTP publicly, as this value indicates the long-term winning potential. This value is calculated, theoretically, over the course of 1,000,000 spins.
  • Betways. 3 reel slots and 5 reel slots do not differ in terms of their payouts, unlike the paylines that are apparent within a slot game. Slots that carry more betways can cost more to spin per round, and thus, offers higher winning opportunities.

Mega Moolah

Unlike most types of free casino slots, slot games with progressive pots offer the potential to win millions from a single spin and are not usually offered to play for free. To break away with the norms, we offer free access, no download, no registration to Mega Moolah right here. This game has paid close to $1 billion in prizes since its release, reasonably earning the Jackpot King title. Although the gameplay of Mega Moolah is easy to follow, free play could allow you to practice the bonus spins round, as the progressive jackpot wheel without spending any real cash.


Unlike slots, blackjack is mostly based on strategic gameplay and personal qualities, which is why blackjack is a great game to play in free mode. Besides trying out new strategies, with so many blackjack variants out there, there are numerous rules to memorize. Check out Classic Blackjack, Multi-Hand Blackjack, European Blackjack, Progressive Blackjack, Atlantic City Blackjack, Pontoon, Spanish 21, and Super Fun 21 for free, always, before you start wagering real money.

Some of these variants might have distinct rules when it comes to actions like double-down or raises in bets. As many identical points one can locate across blackjack games, an equal amount of differences is apparent. We urge you to play blackjack games free first, and only then try real money wagers. This shouldn’t be hard to do, since most casinos provide this option.

Multi-Hand Blackjack

If you don’t feel like trying all blackjack variants to find the best, then start off by Microgaming’s Multi-Hand Blackjack. It is not randomly considered as the best variant. Five different sets of decks (fifty two cards each) are employed, so that the player can choose how many different hands they want to play simultaneously, with a max of 5. The betting amount has to also be planned ahead, while players can continue hitting cards for as long as they like – unless if they get burned. Reach as close as possible to 21 and outshine the dealer by practicing at Multi-Hand Blackjack for free.


Unlike blackjack, the roulette wheel game is purely luck dependent. The rationale of this casino game is very simple, as simple as guessing where the ball will be landing. As one of the most popular casino games today, many variants have been pioneered; still, the most classic Roulette games, which tend to be featured in all casinos, are French, European, and American Roulette. European Roulette and American Roulette follow the exact same rules and game format, with the American carrying 2x0s, and therefore lower odds for the players. European and French Roulette wheels look identical, but the latter has its own betting styles.

If you are considering your winning odds entirely, the two Europe-related variants of Roulette are the best for you. Nonetheless, if playing for free, you might as well have a go at American Roulette.

European Roulette

NetEnt’s European Roulette has an easy to follow gameplay and distinctive rules, positioning it as one of the best Roulette variants for beginners. There are thirty seven slots, when counting the 0, and two betting styles. If you choose the inside bets, then the odds of winning are lower, but the payouts considerably higher. With outside bets, players can have as high as 50/50 winning chances, with 1:1 winning odds.

Video Poker

Most of us have had a friendly poker match at home, but video poker online is a completely different story. Carrying the highest winning odds for punters, amongst all other casino games, poker has as low as 0.05% edge for the casino. Still, if blackjack is considered a game of skill, poker amounts to art. Learning the ropes of different poker variants, like Joker Poker, Jacks or Better, and Pai Gow, is the first step. Then, you should study the poker winning hands, such as Royal Flush, Straight Flush, Four-of-a-Kind, Full House, Flush, Straight, Three-of-a-Kind, Two Pairs, Pairs of Jacks or Better, to then be able to test, try, and perfect strategies to come victorious when you decide to play for real cash.

Demo poker is the best option that you have to that end-goal. If you don’t fancy registering at a casino to play free poker online, we are the best choice for you. Try out any amongst our free poker games instantly online, without spending a dime. All Aces Poker is the simplest amongst all poker games online, so you might want to start off with that variant.

All Aces Poker

If you are looking for the best classic variant of poker, All Aces Poker is your no wild/jokers, standard 52-card poker. All it takes to start betting in this game is setting your bet levels and tapping on the Deal area. Playing All Aces Poker in demo mode is the way that you can develop into a pro player, to be able to compete against the dealer successfully. With a simple gameplay and a straightforward format, this poker variant is unlike any other games – outside the doubling function, which is common in various games.


Craps are considered by many a very easy and straightforward game. Guessing the right number in-between 7-11 is considered to be its only intricacy. Popular opinion is wrong here, as it often is, with online craps being one of the most strategic games, one that you will need hours and hours of free play to master.

There is hardly any online casino that would not offer their craps variants in demo play, as the rules and gameplay is a bit overwhelming. To explain craps in a nutshell, you must select your bets wisely, as these are correlated with your payouts. ‘Hard’ types of bets should be a no go for sensible players, while Don’t Come and Pass bets should be your way forward. Not sure what we mean? Play some free craps games to dive into the betting options and payouts involved in this game.

Craps by Playtech

Playtech is the powerhouse behind one of the best craps variants for beginners. Don’t Pass and Don’t Come bets are not the only options you need to stick with if you play this variant free, since winnings and bankroll are not concerning you. Explore the ins and outs of craps without spending a single penny, as the betting options here are numerous. Play craps every week for free and turn into an expert in this game without paying anything.

Top Free to Play Casino Games

Free casino games are ideal when practicing and improving your gambling skillset, one of the few allies on your side. It is important to remember though, that many free to play games carry intricacies: lag, limited version of the game, small credit balance, mobile-only version, and unavailable live casino games for free are some of these. Still, free casino games remain the most accessible gambling option on the web, establishing various great opportunities to those that seize their power.

Can I play free games with my mobile?

Online casinos were one of the most innovative things that appeared in the 21st century, with mobile technology being an equally revolutionary. Today, those two go hand by hand, as all online casinos offer an equal amount of desktop, as mobile casino games. Demo version is available on all devices, including iOS and Android smartphones or tablets, providing the same perks as their online counterparts do.

You can locate on our site the mobile casino page, where you can find all the gambling platforms that offer free to play mobile casino games. These do not lack in any regard from desktop casino games, as bonuses, gameplay and all in-game features are identical.

Never forget to play new games for free

As you might have noticed, one of the main reasons that we are so fond of demo and free games is the opportunity to get accustomed to the gameplay of title without spending real money. Thus, it would make perfect sense that you try out all new casino games releases for free, before you wager real money. You can do so on any online casino or right here; as we offer new casino online games completely free, no registration, no download – instant free play.

Live Dealer Games Free

Live casino games are rarely offered for free online, as most brands know that this gaming niche is all about real gambling experience. This practice has long been linked to real money wagering, whereby players are filled with excitement. That feeling is hard to be experienced when playing live dealer games free. Another reason that live casinos are only accessible for real money wagering is due to the simple fact that the live tables are transmissible through video from actual tables in physical casinos, which carries considerably more cost compared to instant free casino games.

Did you know this about free casino games? (FAQs)

⭐ Are there many casino games available online?

You will never feel limited in terms of options with free casino games. You can find tens of different casino games variants free to play, without even the need to register on a website. Free credits are instantly available and you will only need an account if you want to wager real cash.


⭐ Where can I find the best casino for me?

From our page, finding an online casino to play is very easy. Navigate towards the respective list, located at the top of this page, and scroll through the different casino categories to find what you are interested in. We categorize casinos as Mobile, Real Money, Top Rated, VIP, Newly Launched or Live Casinos – always to help you find exactly what you are after. All the selected casinos are safe and secure to play at.


⭐ Can I play casino games free and wager real money?

Every demo casino game is enjoyed using real cash, provided as free credits. This way, players experience the game in the exact same fashion that they would if they played for real cash. Social casino games are the only ones that are not played with real money, as they are free to play only games.


⭐ Are casino games online safe?

Casino games are as safe as the casino that offers them. Selecting a licensed and secure online casino platform is a pre-requisite for a safe and enjoyable gaming experience. All our recommended casinos are, first and foremost, safe and trusted iGaming platforms.


⭐ Are download or instant games online better to play free?

It does not really matter whether you will be playing instant or download-required casino games free, as long as you do before wagering real cash. It is very important, as you will avoid wasting away cash in a game that you do not understand or by employing a failed gameplay that you read about on the Internet. At the end of the day, a specific casino game might prove to be very dull or less rewarding compared to what you have been used to. The free demo mode should always be your way to test the waters in the safest way possible.